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Corruption, Contraband and Organized Crime in Southeast Europe
The brochure suggests topics for discussion at the international conference Shaping a Common Security Agenda for Southeast Europe held on 5-6 September in Sofia. more »
Smuggling in Southeast Europe
The paper highlights the decisive impact the Yugoslav wars had on the development of the regional criminal networks. The research reveals the connection between the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia and the growth of the trans-border crime in the region, and also looks at the related issue of corruption. more »
Anti-Corruption in Southeast Europe: First Steps and Policies
The main goal of the report is to sensitize politicians and civil society to the specific set of sources of corruption in the region. more »
Background Document on Corruption in Southeast Europe
The Background Document on Corruption in Southeast Europe was developed within as part of the Coalition Building and Monitoring for Anti-Corruption in Southeast Europe project as part of the more »

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