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Strengthening Resilience to Corruption and State Capture in Southeast Europe
The past year has vividly exposed governance vulnerabilities in Southeast Europe and how they threaten to undermine the region’s European perspective. The migration crisis, the economic stagnation, and the Russia-EU geopolitical stand-off have shown the need to reinvigorate the European Union’s engagement with the region. A critical part of this engagement remains the need to reduce corruption and state-capture vulnerabilities in Southeast Europe, in particular in the energy sector. more »
Enhancing CSOs Advocacy Efforts for Countering Corruption in Critical Sectors in SEE: Leveraging the EU Accession Process and State of the Art Research
On 29-30 October 2015 the SELDI and ANTICORRP initiatives organized one and half day conference in Podgorica to discuss with local and regional stakeholders the best methods for transforming the existing cutting-edge anti-corruption and good governance research into efficient policy and advocacy tools. The participants focused on the role of the civil society in evaluating the impact of current anti-corruption measures and stressed on the need of stronger collaboration with the public institutions, the media, and the general public. more »
SELDI Policy Advocacy Workshop: Countering Corruption and State Capture for Transparent Energy Governance in SEE
On 28 April 2015 the SELDI initiative held in Belgrade a policy advocacy workshop dedicated to corruption and energy governance. The event marked the beginning of SELDI’s work in delivering anti-corruption solutions in the energy sector in Southeast Europe. more »
SELDI Policy Forum: Good Governance Agenda for Southeast Europe: the Role of Civil Society and the European Institutions
On 24 and 25 February 2015 SELDI presented the key findings and policy recommendations from the first two years of the initiative in Brussels. The conclusions from the SELDI Regional Anti-Corruption Report: Anti-Corruption Reloaded: Assessment of Southeast Europe were discussed with representatives of the civil society, the European Commission, and the European Parliament. Given the major significance of the good governance and anti-corruption issue in Southeast Europe and the prospects of the countries from the region of joining the EU, the event aimed to contribute to promoting the civil society - state dialogue in identifying effective counter-measures and possibilities for future collaboration among all stakeholders. The forum charted the needed governance reforms to prepare the countries for accession once the enlargement freeze of the EU is lifted. more »
Eleventh Anti-Corruption Policy Forum: Anti-Corruption Policies against State Capture
On 11 December 2014 the Center for the Study of Democracy organized the Eleventh Anti-Corruption Policy Forum. During the event CSD presented and discussed the Corruption Assessment Report: Anti-Corruption Policies against State Capture. In this tenth report, the Center for the Study of Democracy provides an overview of the state of corruption and anticorruption in Bulgaria in 2013 – 2014. more »
Regional Conference: Trends and Challenges in Implementing Anti-corruption Strategies
On 25 November 2014 the Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI) and the Centre for Security Cooperation (RACVIAC), in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Macedonia, organized a regional conference in Skopje on the Trends and Challenges in Implementing Anti-corruption Strategies. Representatives of the Southeast European Leadership for Development and Integrity initiative (SELDI) from Bulgaria and Macedonia took part in the event. more »
SELDI Policy Advocacy Workshop: Improving Governance in Southeast Europe: a Civil Society Update and New Public-Private Partnership Solutions
On 20 June 2014 the SELDI network held an Policy Advocacy Workshop: Improving Governance in Southeast Europe: a Civil Society Update and New Public-Private Partnership Solutions in Istanbul, Turkey. During the workshop, the SELDI partners presented and discussed the preliminary findings of the regional Corruption Monitoring System and the national Corruption Assessment Reports carried out in nine countries in 2014. more »
Inception Conference: European Commission Framework for Partnership Agreement
On the 23 and 24 May, 2013 together with its SELDI network partners, the Center for the Study of Democracy took part in the Framework for Partnership Agreement Inception Conference in the city of Belgrade, Serbia. more »
Inception Conference of the SELDI Network
On 22 May 2013 the SELDI (SouthEast Europe Leadership for Development and Integrity) network held an Inception Conference for its civil society anti-corruption effort in the Western Balkans and Turkey in the city of Belgrade, Serbia. more »
Opening Conference of the SELDI network
On 5 March 2013 the SELDI network held its Opening Conference in Zagreb, Croatia. The Center for the Study of Democracy is coordinator of the SELDI network, established within the framework of the project Civil Society for Good Governance and Anti-Corruption in Southeast Europe: Capacity Building for Monitoring, Advocacy and Awareness Raising. more »

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