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Coalition 2000 Publications

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Information Technologies against Corruption (available only in Bulgarian)
The manual addresses the role of Information Technologies (IT) in public sector reform. more »
Anticorruption Education Manual 2000 (available only in Bulgarian)
It is the first manual in its kind in Bulgarian language. The manual is to be included in a university curriculum (the New Bulgarian University) and a number of other private and state-owned universities have been approached with the same purpose more »
Media against Corruption: Obstacles and Risks in Investigative Journalism (available only in Bulgarian)
The author, Krassimir Dobrev, is a well-known journalist and JD graduate. As a leading analyst of "Sega" Daily, Mr. Dobrev worked on several issues related to political corruption. more »
Combating Corruption and Fraud in the Public Administration (available only in Bulgarian)
The anticorruption reader addresses a wide range of readers - civil servants, representatives of legislative and judiciary, students, academicians and NGOs, which contribute in overcoming the corruption problem in Bulgarian society. more »
Corruption and Trafficking: Monitoring and Prevention
This is the second updated edition under the same title, published by the Center for the Study of Democracy of its Reports/ Analyses series to be distributed among participants in Regional Coordination Meeting of Subtable "Justice and Home Affairs" of Stability Pact Working Table III, held in Sofia on October 3rd, 2000. more »
Judiciary and Corruption (available only in Bulgarian)
The collection Judiciary and Corruption provides analytical comparative legal studies on the curbing of corruption issues in the judiciary and the norms of judicial ethics. more »
Corruption in a 100 Answers Manual (available only in Bulgarian)
This is the first guide dedicated to the most frequently asked questions on corruption and anti-corruption more »
Corruption and Trafficking: Monitoring and Prevention, 1st edition
Corruption and Trafficking: Monitoring and Prevention is the new brochure, recently published by the Center for the Study of Democracy of its Reports and Analyses series more »
Counteracting the Corruption in Local Authorities (available only in Bulgarian)
The reader contains Bulgarian experts' analysis with practical data about the legislative framework of local self-government, the opportunities of direct and indirect civic involvement, new forms of civic control applied in municipalities in local issues decision-making and combating corruption. more »
Criminal Law Issues in Combating Corruption (only in Bulgarian)
"Criminal Law Issues in Combating Corruption" is entitled the new brochure of the series of anti-corruption publications of Coalition 2000 more »

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