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The Informal Economy in the EU Accession Countries: Size, Scope, Trends and Challenges in the Process of EU Enlargement
The book is the result of the joint efforts of the World Bank, Bertelsmann Stiftung and the Center for the Study of Democracy. It includes papers presented on April 18-19, 2002 at a conference organized within the framework of the network Towards European Integration, consisting of public policy institutes and think-tanks from the EU accession countries. more »
Corruption Assessment Report - 2002
This is the fourth Corruption Assessment Report prepared by a task force of Coalition 2000. more »
Corruption and Anticorruption (available only in Bulgarian)
The reader Corruption and Anticorruption consists of seven chapters covering the subjects of corruption and politics and corruption and economy, measuring and monitoring of corruption, curbing corruption, international efforts to counter corruption, and corruption in the security forces. more »
Smuggling in Southeast Europe
The paper highlights the decisive impact the Yugoslav wars had on the development of the regional criminal networks. The research reveals the connection between the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia and the growth of the trans-border crime in the region, and also looks at the related issue of corruption. more »
Corruption Assessment Report 2001
Coalition 2000 published its third annual Corruption Assessment Report which follows the structure and approach of the Action Plan adopted by the Policy Forum of Coalition 2000 in November, 1998 more »
Corruption, Trafficking and Institutional Reform
The present report summarizes researches and discussions conducted by members of the expert group within the framework of the Bulgarian anti-corruption initiative. more »
Coalition Building and Monitoring in Transition Countries
Once an "exotic" issue in the diplomatic exchanges, corruption became a constant part of the agenda of the international community in the early and mid-1990s. more »
Background Document on Corruption in Southeast Europe
The Background Document on Corruption in Southeast Europe was developed within as part of the Coalition Building and Monitoring for Anti-Corruption in Southeast Europe project as part of the more »
Information Technologies Against Corruption
The reader is the latest edition of of anti-corruption series of Coalition 2000. It addresses the role of Information Technologies (IT) in public sector reform. more »
Corruption Assessment Report - 2000
Corruption Assessment Report 2000 is the second in a row, which attempts to outline the general framework and the specific dimensions of corrupt practices in Bulgaria introduced in their dynamics. more »

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