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Anti-Corruption Events

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Local initiatives in 1999
The Small Grants anti-corruption projects of the local partners started in the months of November and December as part of Coalition 2000 “Clean Future” campaign. more »
Anti-Corruption readers published by Coalition 2000
Four anti-corruption readers were published (in Bulgarian only) by Coalition 2000, aimed at the Bulgarian public. more »
Coalition 2000 activities presented at a workshop in Belgrade
The Coalition 2000 coordinator informed about the “Clean Future” activities the participants in an anti-corruption workshop, held in Belgrade more »
Second Policy Forum of Coalition 2000, 1999
The Coalition 2000 Policy Forum is the event which every year brings together politicians and activists, leaders and representatives of non-governmental organizations, journalists, businessmen and diplomats. The second Policy Forum took place on December 13, 1999. more »
“Dr. Zhelyu Zhelev” Foundation Organized an International Conference “Ten Years Later: Lessons for the Future”
Dr. Zhivka Damianova, Program Manager of Coalition 2000, presented the Corruption Indexes from Vitosha Research surveys made in February, April and September, as well as the present corruption status in Bulgaria. The participants discussed the strategies, and success and failure of the economic reform and the humanitarian dimensions of transition. more »
International Experts Visit Bulgaria in Relation to the Introduction of the People’s Defender Institution in Bulgaria
Mr. Antonio Rovira, First Deputy of the People’s Defender of Spain, and Canadian experts visited Bulgaria. They met Vice-president Todor Kavaldjiev, parliamentarians, representatives of the executive power and local government, and Bulgarian experts, sharing their experience and holding consultations on the introduction of the Ombudsman institution in Bulgaria. more »
Smuggling and Corruption – New Task Force of Coalition 2000
The necessity of undertaking specific measures to curb those illegal practices motivated the establishment of a Task Force on Smuggling and Corruption within the framework of the Coalition 2000 initiative. more »
Round Table on Transparency in Local Government
On October 29, 1999, the town of Smolyan hosted the fourth round table of a cycle of discussions on “The Problem of Corruption in Public Administration”. more »
Round Table on Civil Control over Local Government
The round table “Civil Control over Local Government” was about the need for enhanced transparency in local government and for new measures to fight corruption. more »
Corruption Indexes of Coalition 2000 - September 1999
The latest corruption indexes of Coalition 2000 were announced at a press conference held at the Center for the Study of Democracy on October 27, 1999. more »

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