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A New Grants Competition on Anticorruption Issues
On 18 April, 2005 the U.S. Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria and its Democracy Commission announced a new small grants competition. The project proposals should focus on issues like: building democratic institutions, promoting the rule of law, anti-corruption, and administration of justice, encouraging the free flow of information, supporting the development of civic education and civil society, protecting human rights, and furthering ethnic and political harmony in Bulgaria. more »
Additions to the National Anticorruption Strategy
At the end of March 2005, with a Decision # 223/ 30.03.2005, the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria adopted Additions to the National Anticorruption Strategy and the Program for its implementation for the period of 2004 – 2005. more »
Annual Award Ceremony for Best Journalist Materials Publicizing Cases of Corruption
On March 31, 2005 Coalition 2000 held a ceremony for bestowing the annual awards for best journalism materials on corruption-related topics published in 2004. more »
Transparency International Launched the Integrity Awards Competition for 2005
In March 2005, Transparency International announced its sixth Integrity Awards Competition. The deadline for submission of nominations is 1 July 2005 at 17:00GMT. more »
New Grants for Projects on Anticorruption Education
The Open Society Institute – Budapest and its Education Support Program announced 2005 Call for Proposals under the REFINE education fund. The education fund supports special projects to further open society goals in four priority areas: accountability, equity, anti-corruption, and improvement of learning outcomes that support open society values. The next deadline for submission of project proposals is 10 April, 2005. more »
Regional Conference The Public Mediator in Banite Municipality – Institutionalization and Initial Experience
On 25 March, 2005 the experience of the Banite municipality in establishing the institution of the local public mediator (ombudsman) was presented at a Regional Conference titled The Public Mediator in Banite Municipality – Institutionalization and Initial Experience. more »
Transparency International Released its Global Corruption Report for 2005
On 16 March, 2005 Transparency International released its Global Corruption Report 2005. The report focuses on corruption in the construction sector. more »
The World Bank Released Its 2004 Annual Report Investigating Staff Misconduct and Corruption in Bank-Financed Projects
In February 2005, the World Bank released its annual report Investigations and Sanctions of Staff Misconduct and Fraud and Corruption in Bank-Financed Projects. The Report covers the period July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2004 and summarizes the nature and volume of institutional integrity activities and investigations of the World Bank Group for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2004. more »
New Initiative of Bulgarian Business Against Corruption
On 23 February, 2005 the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum, Bulgarian International Business Association and the Bulgarian Bureau for Business and Congress Tourism announced a Declaration against corruption. More than 360 companies in Bulgaria supported the Declaration. more »
Seventh Annual Anticorruption Policy Forum
The Seventh Anticorruption Policy Forum was held on 22 February, 2005 at the Boyana Conference Center. The Policy Forum, organized annually by Coalition 2000, is a high profile public event for anti-corruption initiatives, supporting the efforts of the civil society and public institutions in the fight against corruption. It presented the annual corruption assessment report for 2004 of Coalition 2000, which this year was titled Anticorruption Reforms in Bulgaria. more »

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