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Closing meeting on Project Talks on Anticorruption
A closing meeting on Talks on Anticorruption Project took place on July 12, 2004 at the Center for Study of Democracy. The project was implemented by Roditeli Association within the framework of Civil Society against Corruption Program of Coalition 2000. more »
The Ombudsman Institution on National and Local Level: Bulgarian Experience in the European Context
A public discussion devoted to the legislative and implementation problems of the ombudsman institution was held on July 9, 2004 at the Center for the Study of Democracy. The participants endorsed an Address to the National Assembly, appealing for a speedy election of a highly-qualified, independent and reputable parliamentary ombudsman and successful start of the new institution. more »
Public discussion: The British Policies and Approach to Assets Recovery
The independent agencies for assets recovery promote the use of financial investigation as a tool to fight crime, said Mr. John Tanner, Assistant Director at the UK Assets Recovery Agency, at a discussion on July 8, 2004 at the Center for Study of Democracy. more »
Press Conference for Announcing the Preliminary Results from a Survey Corruption Practices in the Tax Administration
On June 30, 2004, Coalition 2000 and Vitosha Research presented the results from a survey Corruption practices in the Tax Administration, which was conducted in the period April 6 – 14, 2004. The study is part of the Corruption Monitoring System of Coalition 2000. more »
Training seminar on anticorruption topics for students in Sliven
The first of three training seminars for students on anticorruption topics, took place on June 28 and 29, 2004 in Sliven . more »
Report of the Activities of the Combating Corruption Committee at the 39 National Assembly for the Period 2002-2003
In June, 2004 the Combating Corruption Committee (CCC) at the 39 National Assembly of Bulgaria presented the report of its activities for the first year of its establishment: September, 2002 – December, 2003.

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Global Compact Summit Concludes with Emphasis on Need to Fight Corruption
On June 24, 2004 the international Global Compact network adopted a new anti-corruption principle, which was presented by the Secretary General Kofi Annan on the occasion of the Global Compact Leaders Summit. more »
Municipality training seminar: Human Rights Promotion and Protection through the Institution of the Local Public Mediator
On June 24, 2004 a municipality training seminar on human rights promotion and protection through the institution of the local public mediator took place in Varna. more »
Signing of an Anticorruption Charter in Velingrad
On June 18, 2004 an Anticorruption Charter was signed by the local business and the municipal officials at a public forum in Velingrad. more »
Assets forfeiture: a mechanism for combating corruption and organized crime
The main purpose of the various mechanisms and measures for criminal assets forfeiture is to interrupt the possibility for such resources to be reinvested in the economic turnover, said Mr. Heiner Boxleitner, Chief Criminal Commissioner of Bavaria, at a discussion at the CSD on June 3, 2004. more »

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