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New Financial Memorandum with the European Commission to Counteract Corruption in Bulgaria
In August, 2004 the Bulgarian government approved a new project for financial memorandum with the European Commission within the framework of the national Phare program for 2004 for Bulgaria, part I. The financial memorandum is for 12, 972 million euro and will be distributed under a grant scheme. more »
New Report of the Ministry of Finance titled Education: Current State, Problems and Opportunities
At the beginning of August 2004 the newly established Department on Macroeconomic and Sector Analyses at the Ministry of Finance made the first attempt for a critical review of the education in Bulgaria through the preparation of a report titled Education: Current State, Problems and Opportunities. more »
Six International Organizations United Against Corruption in the Media
At the beginning of August 2004, six international organizations declared in London their support for enhancing the transparency in the communication between the PR specialists and media, as well as for decreasing the payments for PR materials aiming at bigger media coverage. more »
New Initiative for Counteracting Corruption at the Customs Offices
The Bribe is Harmful to Everyone warned stickers distributed in all customs desks, bureaus and cross-border check-points at the beginning of August 2004. The warning sticker is a caricature painted by the artist Ivaylo Ninov upon a request of the Customs Agency. The signs are in Bulgarian, English and French. more »
Municipality training seminar: Human Rights Promotion and Protection through the Institution of the Local Public Mediator
On July 26, 2004 a municipality training seminar on human rights promotion and protection through the institution of the local public mediator was held in Haskovo. more »
OECD Released a New Report Titled Fighting Corruption: What Role for Civil Society?
The report summarises the thirteen years of experience of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in working with civil society to fight corruption. more »
A New Global Non-Profit Center of Excellence in Corruption Control and Organizational Integrity
Tiri has been established by a group of activists and scholars within the global anti-corruption movement to meet the need for a non-profit centre of excellence specialising in corruption control and organisational integrity. more »
Awards Ceremony: Acknowledging Civil Society Contribution to Establishing the Local Ombudsman Institution
On July 19, 2004 an Awards Ceremony took place at the Center for Study of Democracy. Four nongovernmental organizations received a honorary diploma under the Civil Society Against Corruption Program of Coalition 2000 for their contribution towards institutionalizing the role of the public and school mediator and public councils in counteracting corruption at the local level. more »
Videoconference: ECA Regional GDLN Policy Dialogue: Regulation of Entry and Enforcement (Inspections)
On July 15, 2004 the Center for the Study of Democracy and Coalition 2000 organized and hosted the Bulgarian participation in a videoconference on regulation of entry and enforcement, which included experts from Washington D.C., Lima, Chisinau, Belgrade and Sarajevo. more »
Public discussion: Dimensions of Hidden Economy in Bulgaria
On July 15, 2004 Coalition 2000 and the Center for Study of Democracy presented their latest book The Hidden Economy in Bulgaria. It includes contributions from experts of the National Social Security Institute, the Bulgarian National Bank, the National Statistical Institute, the Agency for Economic Analysis and Forecasting and the Center for the Study of Democracy. more »

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