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Workshop: Combating Corruption in the State Administration and the Security Forces
On 16-17 December, 2004 the CSD jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria held an anti-corruption workshop under the Memorandum for Cooperation in the field of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration between Bulgaria and Macedonia. more »
Declaration in Support to Democracy in Ukraine
During his visit to Bulgaria on November 26, 2004 Mr. Boris Tarasyuk, Chairman of the Committee on European Integration in the Ukrainian Parliament, met with representatives of non-governmental organizations who handed a declaration in support to the democracy and the European future of Ukraine. more »
Visit by the Turkish Center for Strategic Research
On November 18, 2004 representatives of the Center for Strategic Research (SAM) within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey visited the CSD to exchange experience and discuss possible cooperation in the context of the future EU enlargement. more »
Lecture of the UNDP Resident Representative
Mr. Neil Buhne, UNDP Resident Representative, delivered a lecture on the best and worst practices in governnance and its relations to security on November 10, 2004 at the Rakovski Defense and Staff College. more »
Second Annual International Conference: NATO, EU and the New Risks: A Southeast Europe Perspective
The Second Annual International Conference, organized by the Center for the Study of Democracy as part of the series of events addressing the new security threats, was held on October 29-30, 2004 in Sofia. The forum benefited from the participation of NATO Deputy Secretary General and EU representatives, as well as government ministers, professional military and security leaders from Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria. more »
Public discussion: Transportation, Smuggling, and Organized Crime
On October 14, 2004 the Center for the Study of Democracy presented its new analytical report Transportation, Smuggling, and Organized Crime at a round table discussion in Sofia Hotel Balkan. The report analyses the participation of transportation companies in smuggling practices. more »
Meeting to Discuss the Recommendations in the Transportation, Smuggling and Organized Crime Report
On October 12, 2004 the CSD hosted a meeting to discuss the conclusions and recommendations of the Transportation, Smuggling and Organized Crime report. The meeting was attended by Mr. Jeremy Hill, Ambassador, British Embassy, Mr. Boyko Kotzev and Mr. Roumen Stoilov, Deputy Ministers of Interior, Mr. Assen Assenov, Customs Agency Director, members of the Expert group which has developed the report and CSD experts. more »
Meeting with the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces of the German Bundestag
The opportunities for establishing an ombudsman for the armed forces in Bulgaria were among the main topics discussed at the meeting of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces of the German Bundestag Dr. Willfried Penner and senior representatives of the Center for the Study of Democracy. The meeting was held on September 28, 2004, at the Commissioner’s Office in Berlin and was part of the newly launched initiative of CSD to examine the opportunities for introducing specialized ombudsman institutions in Bulgaria, such as health services ombudsman, armed forces ombudsman, etc. more »
Round table: Reporting on Organized Crime
The Philadelphia Inquirer reporter George Anastasia took part in a discussion about the role of the media in the fight against organized crime on September 29, 2004 at the CSD. Mr. Anastasia has been writing about organized and disorganized crime for the past twenty years, covering the action from Atlantic City and South Philadelphia. more »
Migration, Security, and Human Rights: European Standards and Bulgarian Policy
On September 28, 2004 The Information Centre on the Council of Europe in Sofia, hosted by the CSD, organised a discussion focused on the new trends in migration regulation in Europe. more »

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