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International conference: The European City – Urbanization and Architecture, Security and Finance
Dr. Konstantin Pashev from CSD's Economic Program participated in international conference, organized by the National association of municipal clerks in Bulgaria (NAMCB). He presented the tax aspects of the fiscal decentralization. more »
International Conference: Corruption and Organized Crime: Bridging Criminal and Economic Policies
On 23-24 June 2006 the Center for the Study of Democracy organized an international conference on the complementarity between law enforcement and economic policies against corruption and organized crime. The conference aims at reviewing the range of effective policy instruments and proposing integrated solutions to governments, international institutions and civil society. more »
Corporate Social Responsibility Forum in Vienna
On 18-20 June 2006 Mr. Ruslan Stedanov, coordinator of the Economic program of the Center for the Study of Democracy took part in the Anti-corruption and Corporate Governance session of the Corporate Social Responsibility Forum in Vienna. The Forum’s objective was to highlight the responsible practices used by the businesses in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 and to outline the economic benefits from abiding the Corporate Social Responsibility principles. more »
Discussion: Ireland’s Road into the EU: Competitiveness and Innovation
On 1 June 2006 the Center for the Study of Democracy organized a discussion with guest speaker Mr. Andrew McDowell, Chief Economist and Manager of the Competitiveness Division of Forfas – the Irish government’s policy and advisory board for enterprise, trade, science, technology and innovation. Mr. McDowell’s speach focused on Ireland’s road into the EU, as well as its economic and technological development. more »
Discussion: Dimensions of Civil Society
On 30 May 2006 the Center for the Study of Democracy organized a round table discussion on the past, present and future of civil society. Guest speakers at the event were Mr. Michael Edwards, Director of Civil Society and Governance at Ford Foundation and Mr. Martin Butora, Honorary President of the CEE Trust for Democracy. more »
Study visit: the Greek Experience in Elaboration and Implementation of Innovation Strategies
On 28-30 May 2006 representatives of the Center for the Study of Democracy, ARC Fund, district and government representaives took part in a study visit to Thessaloniki, Greece. The objective of the visit was exchange of experience with Greek experts in the framework of the initiative RIS BRIDGE for elaboration of a Regional Innovation Strategy for South West Planning Region in Bulgaria. more »
Press conference: International Competitiveness of Bulgaria: Trends and Challenges
On 11 May 2006 the Center for the Study of Democracy organized a press conference to present Bulgaria’s position in IMD's World Competitiveness Yearbook. With the partnership of CSD this year Bulgaria was included for the first time in the world oldest and most comprehensive annual report on the competitiveness. more »
Round table: For Effective Management of EU Funds in Bulgaria - Necessary National Instruments in the First Years after the Accession
On 10 May 2006 the Center for the Study of Democracy organized in the National Assembly a round table, dedicated to the necessary national instruments for effective management of EU funds in the first years after accession. more »
APEC Workshop on Anti-corruption measures for the development of SMEs
Mr. Todor Yalamov from CSD's Economic Program participated in APEC Workshop on Anti-corruption measures for the development of SMEs, Ha Noi, Viet Nam, February 24-25, 2006, organized within Senior Officials Meeting of APEC in 2006 with the support of the Canadian government. Mr. Yalamov’s presentation highlighted CSD experience in anti-corruption and in particular how corruption measurement and monitoring could inform and facilitate policy making. more »
Presentation of CSD’s Expert Opinion on VAT Related Fraud
On 26 January 2006 Mr. Konstantin Pashev and Mr. Petkan Iliev, Senior Fellows at CSD Economic Program, took part in the meeting of the Parliamentary Combating Corruption Committee to discuss issues related to the countering of VAT fraud. The experts presented the main conclusions and recommendations from the CSD report Corruption and Tax Compliance. Policy and Administration Challenges regarding the misappropriation of tax credit. more »

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