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Discussion on Licensing and Registration Regimes
On February 18, 2000 the Center for the Study of Democracy hosted a workshop to discuss the necessity of changes in the license,permission and registration regimes and the recommendations of the Council of Ministers 'Work Group in this field. The Government 's goals and intentions to relieve the conditions for conducting business in Bulgaria and the stages for implementing this goal were discussed with business representatives,NGOs and branch business associations by the initiative of the Economic Program. more »
Book Donations and Exhibitions
On February 17, 2000 an exhibition was opened first in the Medical University of Plovdiv, and on March 9 another in the Central Medical Library in Sofia. The donations include more than 2200 titles with medical atlases, textbooks, reference materials, dictionaries and monographs from all branches of medicine. more »
Corruption Indexes of Coalition 2000 - January 2000
On February 15, 2000, Mr. Alexander Stoyanov, Director of Vitosha Research, Center for the Study of Democracy, presented the Corruption Indexes of Coalition 2000 for January 2000 more »
Public Attitude Towards Corruption - Press Conference
On February 10, 2000, in the Center for the Study of Democracy, Bulgarian journalists were invited to a press conference. more »
Round Table: Anti-Corruption Education
A round-table on anti-corruption education was held on February 4, 2000, at the Center for the Study of Democracy. All participants in the discussion supported the idea of introducing anti-corruption programs at different levels of the education system in this country, including high schools more »
Press-conference on "Do we need the Ombudsman Institution in Bulgaria"
On January 27, 2000 Coalition 2000 organized a press conference on "Do we need the Ombudsman Institution in Bulgaria". more »
Discussion on the methodology of the Corruption Monitoring System of Coalition 2000
Coalition 2000 and Macedonian experts met to discuss the Methodology of the CMS (Corruption Monitoring System) more »

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