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  Municipality Training Seminar: Human Rights Promotion and Protection through the Institution of the Local Public Mediator
A municipality training seminar on human rights promotion and protection through the institution of the local public mediator was held on February 18, 2005 in Pazardzhjik. The event was organized jointly by CSD and the “Regional Fund- IGA” - Pazardzhjik with the support of Coalition 2000. more »
Strengthening the GDLN Network in the ECA Region: Challenges and Opportunities
On 16-18 February, 2005 the Center for the Study of Democracy, which hosts the Sofia GDLN Center, organized the second annual meeting of the ECA GDLN Centers network. more »
Index of Hidden Economy: Press Conference for the Results from the "Hidden Economy" Monitoring among the Population
On 1 February, 2005 the Center for the Study of Democracy and Vitosha Research presented the Index of Hidden Economy, which is product of the Hidden Economy Monitoring System of Coalition 2000. more »
Coalition 2000 Announced a Third Competition Round for Journalistic Materials Investigating Corruption
Coalition 2000 announced a third competition round for journalistic materials investigating corruption cases. The submissions should be published or broadcast in 2004. The competition entries should be received at the Center for Study of Democracy by 31 January, 2005 more »
Crime Trends in Bulgaria: Police Statistics and Victimization Surveys
On January 26, 2005 the Center for the Study of Democracy presented an analytical report on crime in Bulgaria, based on the results of the first national representative victimization survey in Bulgaria. more »
CSD Representatives Contribute to the First Report for the President Bulgaria 2010
On January 23, 2005 the President of Bulgaria hosted a round table for the launch of the Bulgaria 2010 report – an overview of the economic challenges facing Bulgaria beyond its EU accession. CSD representatives contributed to the analyses of informal economy and competitiveness issues. more »
Public Forum Education and Anticorruption
On 18 January, 2005 Coalition 2000 organized a Public Forum Education and Anticorruption at the Boyana Conference Center in Sofia. The discussions focused on two major topics: Anticorruption activities in the educational system: current status, problems and best practices and Introduction of anticorruption education in the Bulgarian secondary school. more »
Fourth National Conference Law and IT
The Fourth National Conference Law and IT was held on January 14, 2005 in Sheraton Hotel Balkan. Sofia. It was organized jointly by IDG Bilgaria and the ICT Development Agency. more »
Press Conference for Presenting the Results from a Survey on the Effectiveness and Transparency of PHARE Funds Utilization in the Area of Civil Society Development in Bulgaria
On 12 January, 2005, Access Foundation, Sofia hosted a press conference at the Center for Study of Democracy. The organizers of the event presented the results from a survey conducted under the project Evaluation of the Role of Bulgarian Institutions Engaged in the Implementation of Phare Program in the Area of Civil Society Development. more »

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