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  International Conference: Bulgarian Judiciary in the EU Accession Process: Reforming the Investigation and the Prosecution
The international conference, held on April 8-9, 2005 in Sofia, aimed to contribute to the strengthening of the judiciary, in particular the organization and place of the prosecution and the investigation and to facilitate the process of Bulgaria‚Äôs accession to the European Union. The event benefited from the participation of Mr. Jonathan Faull, Director General of DG Justice, Freedom and Security, representatives of the EU member states and PHARE countries. more »
Annual Award Ceremony for Best Journalist Materials Publicizing Cases of Corruption
On March 31, 2005 Coalition 2000 held a ceremony for bestowing the annual awards for best journalism materials on corruption-related topics published in 2004. more »
Small Arms and Light Weapons in Bulgaria
On March 30, 2005 the CSD launched an analytical report on the small arms and light weapons in Bulgaria, which sets out the findings of a comprehensive assessment of the distribution, impact and public perceptions of SALW in the country. It also assesses the success of the Government's efforts to control the production, usage and trade in small arms. more »
Bulgarian Constitutional Reform in the Context of Bulgaria's EU Accession (2003-2005)
The expert analysis Bulgarian Constitutional Reform in the Context of Bulgaria's EU Accession (2003-2005) was launched at a public discussion held at the Center for the Study of Democracy on March 29, 2005 . The paper has been developed within the framework of the Communication Strategy for the Preparation of Bulgaria for Membership in the EU. more »
The 4th World Bank Knowledge Economy Forum Business Environment and Knowledge for Private Sector Growth
Representative of the Economic Program of CSD took part in the fourth annual Knowledge Economy Forum organized by the World Bank and the Government of Turkey in Istanbul on March 22-24, 2005. more »
Videoconference: ECA Regional GDLN Policy Dialogue on Investment Climate: Strengthening Commercial Law Framework
On March 22, 2005 the Center for the Study of Democracy, host of the GDLN Distance Learning Center Sofia, and the USAID Commercial Law Reform Program organized a videoconference dedicated to strengthening the Commercial Law framework. more »
Drug Market and Organized Crime in Bulgaria: One Year Later
On March 18, 2005 the CSD hosted a discussion to analyze the developments on the drug market in Bulgaria that have transpired since the launch of the Drug Market in Bulgaria report at the end of 2003. more »
Combating Organised Crime in the 21st Century
The Center for the Study of Democracy held a public discussion on the new strategies to combat organised crime on March 2, 2005 at the Boyana Conference Center. UK Home Office Under-Secretary Caroline Flint set out the latest UK developments on issues relating to organised crime and the creation of the Serious Organised Crime Agency. more »
Visit by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces of the German Bundestag
The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces of the German Bundestag Dr. Willfried Penner visited Bulgaria on March 1-2, 2005 at the invitation of the Center for the Study of Democracy and the "Friedrich Ebert" Foundation, Sofia Regional Office. more »
Seventh Annual Anticorruption Policy Forum
The Seventh Anticorruption Policy Forum was held on 22 February, 2005 at the Boyana Conference Center. The Policy Forum, organized annually by Coalition 2000, is a high profile public event for anti-corruption initiatives, supporting the efforts of the civil society and public institutions in the fight against corruption. It presented the annual corruption assessment report for 2004 of Coalition 2000, which this year was titled Anticorruption Reforms in Bulgaria. more »

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