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  Press conference to present the Corruption Indexes of Coalition 2000
On November 12, 2003, Coalition 2000 held a press conference in order to present its latest corruption indexes, based on the regular monitoring of the opinion of the population on corruption. more »
Discussion forum: Application of Electronic Signatures in the Public Sphere: Initial Steps and Challenges
The use of electronic documents and electronic signatures in the public sphere was the main topic of the discussion forum, organized on November 6, 2003 in Sofia by the Center for the Study of Democracy and Applied Research and Communications Fund. more »
Anti-Corruption Training Seminar for the Defense and Staff College
A two-day anti-corruption training took place on 6-7 November 2003 at the "G. S. Rakovski" Defense and Staff College in Sofia with the participation of 8 officers from the General Staff Course, 14 officers from the Strategic Course and 4 officers and staff members of the management. more »
Public lecture of Pascal Couchepin: Democracy
The President of Switzerland Mr. Pascal Couchepin delivered a lecture on the challenges to democracy at the National Art Gallery on October 30, 2003. He focused on the liberal model of democracy in Western Europe and the specific characteristics of the direct democracy in his country. more »
Round table with John Mroz: The Future of Security in Europe: The Role of EU and NATO Enlargement
On November 4, 2003 the CSD hosted a round table discussion on the future of security in Europe with the participation of John Mroz, President and Founder of the EastWest Institute. Mr. Mroz put a stress on the threat perception as the first and major factor in defining foreign policy in today’s world of “enormous uncertainty”. more »
Coalition 2000 hosted the Institutional Reform and Anticorruption in Southeast Europe session during the fifth Southeast Europe Economic Forum
On November 4, 2003 Coalition 2000 hosted a session during the fifth Southeast Europe Economic Forum Integrating the Southeast Europe Economic Space, held on 3-5 November 2003 in the National Palace of Culture, Sofia. Coalition 2000 experts presented their experience in the area of anticorruption. more »
Public lecture of Eva Joly: The Paris Declaration: the New International Anti-Corruption Agenda
On October 23, 2003 Ms. Eva Joly, the renown investigative magistrate, delivered a lecture depicting her experience in large-scale corruption cases in France. She also presented the objectives of the Paris Declaration to combat high level corruption worldwide. more »
Workshop: Gender Equality and Women’s Rights
The workshop was held on October 23-24, 2003, in the city of Veliko Turnovo and was organized jointly by the Center for the Study of Democracy and the Initiative for Sustainable Development Local Agenda 21 – Veliko Turnovo. more »
The Importance of a Free Media in the Fight against Corruption
Coalition 2000 and the Royal Embassy of Norway in Sofia co-organized a seminar on the "Importance of a Free Media in the Fight against Corruption" on October 22-23, 2003. more »
Municipality training seminar in the city of Pleven: Human Rights Promotion and Protection through Local Ombudsman Institution
On October 22, 2003, a municipality training seminar on human rights promotion and protection through local ombudsman institution took place in the city of Pleven. It was organized jointly by CSD and the Initiative for Sustainable Development Local Agenda 21 – Veliko Turnovo and hosted by the Open Gate Center – Pleven. more »

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