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  Public lecture of Gisela Stuart: What sort of EU will Bulgaria Join in 2007
Ms. Gisela Stuart, Praesidium Member and UK Parliament Representative on Convention for the Future of Europe, delivered a public lecture on the future of Europe on November 12, 2002. more »
Public lecture: Ethical Standards in Public Life - the British Parliament's Experience
During a lecture, delivered on July 1, 2002, Mr. Kevin Barron, Member of the British Parliament, talked about the efforts of the British Parliament to maintain high standards in public life, and the effects they have produced more »
Public lecture of Prof. William Wallace: Structure of Europe after EU and NATO Enlargement
On June 10, 2002 the British Embassy to Bulgaria along with the Center for the Study of Democracy,which acts as the Executive Secretariat of the Southeast European Legal Development Initiative(SELDI), co-organized a public lecture of Mr. William Wallace, professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics. more »
Public lecture of Baroness Scotland: Building Justice and Human Rights in a Civil Society
On May 31, 2002 the British Embassy to Bulgaria and the Center for the Study of Democracy jointly organized a public lecture of Baroness Scotland, Parliamentary Secretary at the Lord Chancellor's Department. more »
Public Lecture of the UK Anti-Drugs Coordinator
On April 26, 2002 the British Embassy to Bulgaria and the Center for the Study of Democracy jointly organized a discussion hosted by Mr. Ian Soutar, the British Ambassador to Bulgaria. more »
Debate on the Future of Europe after Nice
On September 28, 2001 the Center for the Study of Democracy hosted a meeting of Prof. Edward Best with representatives of Bulgarian public administration. Prof. Best delivered a lecture and introduced the participants to the European institutions and issues related to the EU integration process. Among the issues discussed were the Nice Treaty, the EU Institutional Reform, the Agenda after the Nice Treaty and the fundamental challanges the EU will be facing in the future. more »
Public lecture: The Role of UK Parliamentary Commissioner against Corruption
On September 19, 2003, Ms. Elizabeth Filkin, the UK Parliamentary Commissioner, delivered a lecture on "How the United Kingdom's Parliament Tries to Win Public Respect: The Work of the Parliamentary Commissioner on Public Standards". more »
Public lecture: Japan's Strategy towards the European Union and its Enlargement
On March 30, 2001 the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) organized jointly with the Embassy of Japan in Bulgaria a breakfast meeting "Japan's Strategy towards the European Union and its Enlargement". Guest speaker at the event was Ambassador Takayuki Kimura, Head of the Mission of Japan to the European Union. The event was attended by representatives of the Government, the business, political parties, international financial institutions, scholars, journalists and NGO representatives. more »

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