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  Regional Coordination Meeting to The Stability Pact
On October 3, 2000 Mr. Boyko Todorov, Coordinator of the Southeast European Legal Development Initiative presented the Initiative to the Regional Coordination Meeting of Sub-Table on Justice and Home Affaires as part of the Meeting of Working Table III of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe, held in Sofia. more »
Local initiatives against corruption. Stage three
On July 13, 2000, the Center for Study of Democracy hosted a business meeting “Local initiatives against corruption. Stage three”. more »
Prospects and Characteristics of The Health Reform in Bulgaria
On July 7, 2000 the International Business Club gathered diplomatic missions' and international organizations' representatives, foreign and local medical companies and experts at a business meeting on "Characteristics and Prospects of the Health Reform in Bulgaria" with the Minister of Health Dr. Ilko Semerdzhiev, and Ms. Lada Stoyanova, the World Bank Deputy Resident Representative. more »
Corruption and Trafficking Publication Presented to Club No 2 of Diplomats
A meeting of No 2 Club of Diplomats was hosted by the Center for the Study of Democracy on June 22, 2000 to present the Coalition 2000 latest analytical output "Corruption and Trafficking: Monitoring and Prevention". more »
Social Profile of Ethnic Problems
On May 31, 2000 the Center for the Study of Democracy hosted a meeting on the Social Profile of Ethnic Problems. The meeting was initiated by the Club 2 of Diplomats and its President Mr. Vincenzo Celeste and was attended by representatives of foreign diplomatic missions. more »
Study visit of a group of Ukrainian NGOs representatives
The Coalition 2000 Secretariat hosted a study visit of a group of representatives from Ukrainian NGOs. more »
Guidelines for Transport and Communications
The International Business Club organized on 11 April 2000 a business breakfast on "Priority Infrastructure Projects in Transport and Communications" at the Center for the Study of Democracy, which was attended by representatives of foreign diplomatic missions, international organizations and financial institutions, local and foreign companies. more »
Corruption Indexes of Coalition 2000 - January 2000
On February 15, 2000, Mr. Alexander Stoyanov, Director of Vitosha Research, Center for the Study of Democracy, presented the Corruption Indexes of Coalition 2000 for January 2000 more »
Smuggling and Corruption – New Task Force of Coalition 2000
The necessity of undertaking specific measures to curb those illegal practices motivated the establishment of a Task Force on Smuggling and Corruption within the framework of the Coalition 2000 initiative. more »
Coalition 2000 Announced the Result from its Second Small Grant Competition
On October 22, 1999 a meeting of the Steering Committee of Coalition 2000 was held which discussed the results from the second Small Grant competition of Coalition 2000. more »

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