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  Round table with John Mroz: The Future of Security in Europe: The Role of EU and NATO Enlargement
On November 4, 2003 the CSD hosted a round table discussion on the future of security in Europe with the participation of John Mroz, President and Founder of the EastWest Institute. Mr. Mroz put a stress on the threat perception as the first and major factor in defining foreign policy in today’s world of “enormous uncertainty”. more »
Round table with Jorn Holme: Public-Private Partnership in Anti-Corruption - the Role of Civil Society in the Process of Development and Implementation of Anti-Corruption Policies
On October 10, 2003 CSD held a round table discussion with the participation of Jorn Holme, State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Police of Norway. more »
Public discussion with the Council of Europe Secretary General Walter Schwimmer: Forthcoming Introduction of the Ombudsman Institution in Bulgaria
The efforts of the civil society in Bulgaria for introducing the ombudsman institution in the country were highly praised by Mr. Walter Schwimmer, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, during a round table discussion on the forthcoming establishment of the ombudsman institution in Bulgaria. The event was organized by Coalition 2000 on October 8, 2003, and took place at the Center for the Study of Democracy as a host organization of the Information Center of the Council of Europe. more »
Policy Briefing on Anticorruption in Bulgaria with representatives of the UK Royal College of Defense Studies
CSD experts took part in a policy briefing on anticorruption for representatives of the UK Royal College of Defense Studies (RCDS) on October 2, 2003. The main topics discussed with RCDS members were corruption and anticorruption policies in Bulgaria, organized crime, prevention of corruption in the security forces, smuggling in Southeast Europe, and public-private partnership for fighting corruption, all based on experience of CSD in these areas. more »
Round table: Corruption in the Bulgarian Education
The round table on corruption in the Bulgarian education, held on September 30, 2003, pertains to the media debate on the topic developing in the last few weeks. more »
Round table: The Gray Economy in Bulgaria – Recent Trends
On July 23, 2003 Coalition 2000 and the Center for the Study of Democracy organized a round table on which the book The Informal Economy in the EU Accession Countries: Size, Scope, Trends and Challenges in the Process of EU Enlargement was presented. more »
Public hearing: Establishment of the Ombudsman Institution in Bulgaria: Developing the Legislative Framework
On July 15, 2003, the Center for the Study of Democracy hosted a discussion on the current state and future development of the legislative framework regulating the introduction of the ombudsman institution on the national and local level. more »
Discussion meeting: Presentation of the Judicial Anti-Corruption Program
The meeting, held at CSD on June 24, 2003, was organized by Coalition 2000 and was dedicated to debating the draft version of the Judicial Anti-Corruption Program (JACP). more »
Institutional Reform and Corruption in Security and Public Services: Norway's Experience
On June 19, 2003, CSD hosted a discussion on Norway's experience in countering corruption in security forces and public services. more »
The Governance of Internal Security: the European Dimension
Europol Director Jürgen Storbeck in a visit to CSD said national and international cooperation is needed to combat organized crime. more »

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