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  Transparency and Anti-Corruption in the Public Administration Activities
On November 14, 2001, the Center for the Study of Democracy hosted a round table on transparency and anti-corruption in public administration activities more »
Round table: Corruption and Success of the Transition
Political corruption, corruption and privatization, and corruption and social values were among the main topics discussed during the round table held on November 6, 2001. more »
The 2001 Parliamentary Elections - Forecasts and Results
On July 5, 2001 the Center for the Study of Democracy along with the Bulgarian Association of Sociologists jointly organized a seminar entitled "Parliamentary Elections 2001 - Forecasts and Results". The seminar discussions analyzed and interpreted the outcome of 2001 Parliamentary elections and outlined both the major dimensions of the post election situation and strategies for the future development of Bulgaria. more »
Third Policy Forum of Coalition 2000
On December 1, 2000 the Third Policy Forum of Coalition 2000 took place with the participation of politicians, representatives of state institutions, non-governmental organizations, media, the business, experts, foreign missionaries and organizations actively involved in the international fight against corruption. more »
Forthcoming Amendments to the Law on the Judiciary
A Task Force with the Ministry of Justice to draft the Law on Amendments to the Law on the Judiciary was set up in the beginning of last September. Representatives of the executive, legislative and Judiciary, as well as NGOs including the Center for the Study of Democracy were involved in its activities. more »
Priority Infrastructure Projects in Transport and Communications
The International Business Club organized on April 11, 2000 a business breakfast on "Priority Infrastructure Projects in Transport and Communications" at the Center for the Study of Democracy, which was attended by representatives of foreign diplomatic missions, international organizations and financial institutions, local and foreign companies. more »
Discussion on the methodology of the Corruption Monitoring System of Coalition 2000
Coalition 2000 and Macedonian experts met to discuss the Methodology of the CMS (Corruption Monitoring System) more »
Second Policy Forum of Coalition 2000, 1999
The Coalition 2000 Policy Forum is the event which every year brings together politicians and activists, leaders and representatives of non-governmental organizations, journalists, businessmen and diplomats. The second Policy Forum took place on December 13, 1999. more »
International Experts Visit Bulgaria in Relation to the Introduction of the People’s Defender Institution in Bulgaria
Mr. Antonio Rovira, First Deputy of the People’s Defender of Spain, and Canadian experts visited Bulgaria. They met Vice-president Todor Kavaldjiev, parliamentarians, representatives of the executive power and local government, and Bulgarian experts, sharing their experience and holding consultations on the introduction of the Ombudsman institution in Bulgaria. more »
Round Table on Civil Control over Local Government
The round table “Civil Control over Local Government” was about the need for enhanced transparency in local government and for new measures to fight corruption. more »

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