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Cross-Border Organised Crime in the Context of the Migrant Crisis

The migration and refuge crisis poses significant challenges to European governments. The unprecedented migration pressure provided many avenues for the generation of major profits by organised criminal networks. The large influx of irregular migrants looking for facilitation has led to the evolvement of human smuggling as a substantial criminal market in Europe. On the other hand some countries have experienced a concurrent rise in human trafficking cases.


Report Cross-border organised crime: Bulgaria and Norway in the Context of the Migrant Crisis

The publication presents an analysis of recent developments in transnational organised crime in Norway and Bulgaria in the context of the migrant crisis. The study presents the first in-depth examination of human smuggling networks and operations in Bulgaria, as well as the synergies and differences between this illicit activity and other organised criminal enterprises, particularly human trafficking. The publication also reviews trends in Norway related to both human trafficking and smuggling, two crimes which have rarely been examined together, with the latter being the focus of little overall research.

Improving Bulgarian and Norwegian Law Enforcement Capacity for Tackling Cross-border Organised Crime in the Context of the Migrant Crisis

Experience and expertise exchange between European countries affected by transnational organised crime can foster the development of law enforcement approaches informed by best practices but suitable for addressing specific national contexts. Strenghtening international cooperation can thus aid in increasing police capacity, recognising gaps in law enforcement practices and strengtening and adapting response towards emerging and established threats.










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