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New Policy Evaluation Tool for Monitoring Anticorruption Enforcement
That it is the enforcement of anticorruption policies which needs to be prioritised is now de rigueur in the anticorruption community. This received wisdom, however, has not been followed up by the development of advanced tools for monitoring this enforcement. Both policies and measurements of corruption have remained at the general societal level, with little focus on specific loci, actors or circumstances. In order to upgrade its effectiveness, the anticorruption effort needs to concentrate on the most appropriate level – the individual public organisation. more »
Monitoring Anticorruption Policy Implementation: Methodology and First Steps
The Monitoring Anticorruption Policy Implementation (MACPI) supplies evaluators and policy makers with a precision instrument for assessing the design and impact of anticorruption policies at the point of their actual enforcement – the individual public organisation. MACPI is capable of identifying the specific zones of corruption vulnerability in public organisations and assessing the policies that target these vulnerabilities. more »
Monitoring Anticorruption Policy Implementation
On 2 June 2015 the Center for the Study of Democracy held a round table to present the Monitoring Anticorruption Policy Implementation (MACPI) tool and the results of its application in the Bulgarian Border Police. more »
Round table: Anti-Corruption Measures in Law Enforcement Institutions and Agencies
On 3 February 2015 the Centеr for the Study of Democracy (CSD), together with representatives of the Ministry of Interior (MoI), held a round table discussion on anti-corruption measures in law enforcement institutions. The goal of the discussion was tо develop instruments which can reliably monitor and assess the anti-corruption efforts of the Ministry of Interior. more »
International Workshop: The experience of European police anti-corruption units - Austria, Belgium and the UK
Between January 28 and February 1, 2013 in the town of Pravets CSD organized an International workshop called The experience of European police anti-corruption units: Austria, Belgium and the UK. The workshop took place within the framework of Enhancing Police Internal Affairs Departments project. The official opening of the seminar was attended by Mr. Rumen Ganev, Director of Internal Security Directorate in the Ministry of Interior, Mr. Emil Stoinev, Director of Inspectorate Directorate in the Ministry of Interior, and Mr. Genu Eduard Radu, Deputy General Director of Anti-corruption General Directorate at the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs. more »
Exchange of best practices workshop - London, 24-27 April 2012
Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), the Metropolitan Police (MET) and the UK Border Agency (UKBA). The main objective of the meetings was to exchange experiences and share best practices in the field of anti-corruption investigations and prevention. more »
Exchange of best practices workshop - Brussels, 12-14 June 2012
In June 2012 experts from CSD, the Bulgarian Internal Security Directorate and the Romanian Anti- Corruption General Directorate met with representatives from the General Inspectorate of the Federal and Local Police of Belgium (AIG) and the Central Office for the Repression of Corruption (OCRC). During the meetings in Brussels, the Bulgarian and Romanian visitors were presented with sample cases of anti-corruption investigations. more »
Exchange of best practices workshop – Vienna, 5 November 2012
In November 2012, representatives from CSD and the Bulgarian Internal Security Directorate met with experts from the Austrian Federal Bureau of Anti-corruption in Vienna. During the workshop, the Bulgarian guests were acquainted with the organization and the work of BAK’s departments for prevention and investigations of corruption. The workshop participants discussed BAK’s approaches to collection and evaluation of information on finalized corruption investigations, which is used for the development of targeted prevention measures. more »

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