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Countering Radicalisation and Terrorist Threats

In the last decade, countering radicalisation that turns to terrorism has become an issue of particular concern for many European governments. It has reached new dramatic dimensions with the violent attacks in Paris from 2015. The current situation in Syria and Iraq and the emergence of the so-called Islamic State have led to new security threats especially concerning EU citizens joining the ranks of ISIS as foreign fighters. more »

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Media and Political Influences
Тhe political instrumentalization of media in Bulgaria and Southeast Europe is visible in a number of ways. This is the key conclusion reached at the conference under the topic of ‘Media and Political Influences’, co-organised by the Center for the Study of Democracy and Bulgaria’s Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. The event was attended by the Ambassadors of the Kingdom of Netherlands and of the Czech Republic to Bulgaria, representatives from the Council of Europe and national state institutions, NGOs, as well as researchers and journalists. more »

Civic Participation in Support of Vulnerable Groups
There are numerous interrelations between the different vulnerable groups, and the state and NGOs are called upon to cooperate constructively in improving their situation. This is the conclusion reached at the roundtable dedicated to the civic participation in support of vulnerable communities, organised by the Center for the Study of Democracy. The event was attended by representatives of state institutions, magistrates, lawyers, and NGOs working with prisoners, vulnerable groups of foreigners, and victims of trafficking and domestic violence. more »

Punishment versus treatment: the situation of drug users in prison
Bulgaria has no clear and consistent state policy on drug-using offenders. This is the main conclusion of the round table on the situation of drug users in prison organised by the Center for the Study of Democracy. The event, which aimed to present the Norwegian experience of working with drug users in prison, was attended by officials from the Directorate General "Execution of Penalties", prosecutors, judges, lawyers, academics and NGOs. more »

Improving the registration of non-profit legal entities
NGOs in Bulgaria are registered in more than 20 different registers, yet there is a lack of accessible, up-to-date and reliable information on their activities. This is one of the main conclusions of the Center for the Study of Democracy’s analysis dedicated to the reform of NGOs’ registration. The report was presented at the roundtable ‘Improving the registration of non-profit legal entities’ organised by the Center. The event was attended by representatives of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Justice, the Registry Agency, as well as NGOs, the IT sector and the media. more »


Competitiveness Landscape of Bulgaria 2014-2015

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The governments in the CEE region have to realize that amid changing global gas markets, building large gas pipelines dependent on fixed, long-term contractual terms is not consistent with bringing competitive and reliable gas supply. The problem with gas security in the region could be solved much more easily through regional cooperation and demand-driven responses. The former requires political will to accelerate strategic gas interconnectors along the North-South gas corridor, the expansion of existing storage facilities and the construction of new regasification terminals.

Gazprom Rapidly Losing Grip on European Markets, article by Martin Vladimirov, Analyst at the Economic Program of the Center for the Study of Democracy, 15 December 2015

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"Women can have a special role in both prevention and deradicalisation and interventions should be designed accordingly. At the same time we should  not underestimate the role of women in radicalization. While studies are conducted to understand this phenomenon official policies seem to not address that aspect of radicalisation."

Ms Ines von Behr, Senior Analyst in RAND Europe at the roundtable discussion Radicalisation in Southeast and Central Europe: Monitoring and Responding to Key Trends and Risks, 8 December 2015

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