SELDI has been founded by a group of 15 civil society partner organisations and 2 associated partners from Southeast Europe. Together they employ more than 180 staff - potentially the biggest anti-corruption and good governance think and action tank in the region. Partner organisations serve as “network mobilisers” liaising with other stakeholders and CSOs. SELDI is part of a larger network of 18 networks supported under the Civil Society Facility of the EU’s Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance, which provides a large potential for further synergies in countering corruption in the region. 

The three key elements of the SELDI governance structure are:

  • Steering Committee, which includes representatives from all coalition members. The Steering Committee is the prime decision-making body in order to ensure an efficient management of the coalition. It will meet at least once annually.
  • International Advisory Board of established regional and international anticorruption leaders, who will provide strategic guidance and advice;
  • Secretariat, which will ensure SELDI’s institutional anchor.


The previous SELDI initiative was also an open process encouraging the participation of all stakeholders in the region. 

The International Secretariat of SELDI, responsible for the overall coordination with international organisations and donors, was located at the International Development Law Organization in Rome. An Executive Secretariat for the purpose of operational support of SELDI projects was set up at the Center for the Study of Democracy in Sofia.

An International Steering Board, consisting of prominent public figures and NGO and business leaders from the SELDI countries and EU member states and the US and representatives of international organisations, were responsible for establishing SELDI's strategy and activities, is in the process of formation.