SELDI was created by IDLO and the CSD through a Memorandum of Understanding dated 20th April 1999. The MoU did not create a separate legal entity, but rather provided a structured focal point for sustained action in support of the defined objectives.  

SELDI is intended to multiply the effect of public-private coalition building for development throughout the Region. It provides a forum for cooperation among the most active civil society institutions, public figures and government and international agencies in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, FYROM, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey.  Greece and Turkey are considered under the Initiative as resource countries.  Particular attention is devoted to involving Yugoslav organizations and cooperation with the democratization efforts in Kosovo. SELDI will be actively seeking the cooperation of other international initiatives such as theCentral European Initiative (CEI), the initiatives of the Council of Europe and theOECD, the South Eastern European Co-operation Initiative (SECI), etc.

Summary of Program for 2000-2003

In consultation with the partner organisations in the region IDLI and the CSD have designed four specific projects, which support the overall SELDI objectives.  They deal with corruption, judicial reform and trade, and the establishment of a distance learning center.  Each addresses a specific set of problems, but are logically and substantively linked.  The anti–corruption project seeks, through a number of related approaches to raise awareness of the potential for dealing with corruption and then to encourage specific actions including the establishment of new legal and policy norms.  The judicial reform project seeks to build regional links between the judges, other court personnel and relevant ministries aimed at contributing to the building of the rule of law in the whole region.  The significant contacts established under the project will also provide a forum for greater intra-regional cooperation in the control of corruption.  The trade initiative seeks to help build greater opportunities for intra-and inter-regional trade, which will contribute to re-establishing economic stability and security.  The trade project will help build transparency in trade and will diminish the opportunities for corruption.  The distance learning center will create a“first node” cost-effective training facility for target groups in the SELDI countries for World Bank, IDLI and CSD training programs.

Summary of Program for 2000-2003 
Anti-Corruption/Good Governance
Strengthening of the Judiciary 
WTO and Trade Development in the Region 
Distance Learning Center