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EU Prospects and Security in South Eastern Europe: Hidden Economy, Transborder Crime and Development
An international conference on hidden economy and transborder crime in SEE was held on 28-29 October 2005 in Hilton hotel in Sofia. The conference brought together researchers from prominent scientific institutions in Europe to share their views and discuss possible solutions of the existing problems. more »
Round Table: Corruption and Tax Compliance
On 18 October 2005 the Center for Study of Democracy and Coalition 2000 organized a round table to present the analytical report Corruption and Tax Compliance. Policy and Administration Challenges. The Deputy Minister of Interior, Mr. Boyko Kotzev, made the opening remarks and stated that the Ministry of Interior applies effectively the best practices of the EU countries in preventing corruption within the Ministry. more »
Conference: Grey Economy and Undeclared Employment
During the conference, held on 9 and 10 September 2005, Mr. Todor Yalamov, Project Coordinator in the Economic Program of the Center for the Study of Democracy, presented the trends in hidden economy developments according to the Hidden Economy Monitoring System of Coalition 2000. more »
Videoconference on Hidden Economy and Corruption
On 9 September, 2005 the Center for Study of Democracy and Sofia Distance Learning Center hosted a videoconference titled Hidden Economy and Corruption, which was delivered to representatives of public and private sector organizations, donor community and NGOs in Kiev, Ukraine and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. more »
Index of Hidden Economy: Press Conference for the Results from the "Hidden Economy" Monitoring among the Population
On 1 February, 2005 the Center for the Study of Democracy and Vitosha Research presented the Index of Hidden Economy, which is product of the Hidden Economy Monitoring System of Coalition 2000. more »
6th Colloquium on Cross-Border Crime: “Crime and Economy and Crime Economy”
On September 2-4, 2004 the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation and the University of Tilburg organized in Berlin a colloquium on the issues of cross-border crime. It aimed to reveal the links between legal and illegal entrepreneurs, the vulnerability of the legal economy and the ways to counteract organized business crime. more »
Working Meeting with Prof. Edgar Feige
On August 25-27, 2004 the Center for the Study of Democracy organized a working meeting with Prof. Edgar Feige on issues of measuring informal economy, firms’ non-compliant behavior and the role of informal, formal and capital networks in doing business in a transitional context. more »
Public discussion: Dimensions of Hidden Economy in Bulgaria
On July 15, 2004 Coalition 2000 and the Center for Study of Democracy presented their latest book The Hidden Economy in Bulgaria. It includes contributions from experts of the National Social Security Institute, the Bulgarian National Bank, the National Statistical Institute, the Agency for Economic Analysis and Forecasting and the Center for the Study of Democracy. more »
Round table: Governance Mechanisms, Integrity and Transparency: Countering Corruption in Private Sector
The public debate usually focuses on corruption as a problem of the interface between the public and the private sector. However, the Corruption Monitoring System surveys of Vitosha Research for Coalition 2000 show that most of the companies deem corruption among private entities as much a problem as corruption in the public sector. Taking account of this data on March 30, 2004 the Center for the Study of Democracy and Coalition 2000 organized a round table for defining the problem and setting up the guidelines for future debate and action. more »
Round table: Competitive Environment and Informal Economy in Bulgaria
The negative impact of the informal economy on the competitive environment in Bulgaria was discussed at a round table held on December 18, 2003 at the CSD. more »

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