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Academic Research

Scientific research into organized crime and its countering by law enforcement institutions are valued not only as an academic achievement, but also as a theoretical basis and a source of methodologies and analyses used in national and EU threat assessing reports. These researches and publications represent a wide array of multidisciplinary approaches, concepts and arguments on the discussed topics. Their authors are often involved in the development of concrete projects on organized crime activities and future trends. A characteristic feature of a good part of these scientific publications is that they contain critical views about the methodologies and other analytical instruments used in European and national contexts. Usually, they put forward alternative proposals and projects aimed at introducing optimal methodologies in the analysis of this phenomenon. Links to some of the relevant literature are provided below:

Tom Vander Beken. Risky Business: A Risk-Based Methodology to Measure Organized Crime

Tom Vander Beken. Organised Crime and Vulnerability of Economic Sectors

Thomas Gabor. Assessing the Effectiveness of Organised Crime Control Strategies: A Review of the Literature

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