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In 2010 UNODC produced the first-ever Transnational Organized Crime Threat Assessment to fill a knowledge gap and pave the way for future world crime reports. This Threat Assessment focuses on trafficking flows, connects the dots between regions, and gives a global overview of illicit markets: it reports about the ways and means criminal networks have grown into an international problem. The perspective afforded by this global study should provoke some new thinking on combating transnational organized crime, namely by focusing on the global nature of organized crime, looking beyond borders to protect sovereignty, disrupting markets not just the criminal groups that exploit them, strengthening security and the rule of law, fighting corruption more efficiently and installing filters so that the Internet and free trade zones prevent the abuse of the economic and financial systems.

Full text of the Transnational Organized crime Threat Assessment report is available at: http://www.unodc.org/documents/data-and-analysis/tocta/TOCTA_Report_2010_low_res.pdf

The UNODC has also produced a Manual for the use and the writing of an assessment of threats from serious and organized crime (SOCTA)

This manual was prepared by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime in 2009 and presents a model for writing a national report assessing the threats from serious and organized crime. The manual focuses on the practical steps to implement such a project from the inception tasking, through team building to the description of the consecutive stages in writing the report. It also discusses
the methodology designed to generate the information and analysis needed for intelligence-led policing and evidence-based policy.

The integral text is available at: Guidance on the Preparation and Use of Serious and Organised Threat Assessment

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