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United Kingdom

United Kingdom Threat Assessment (UKTA)

The UKTA is produced by the Serious Organized Crime Assessment Agency (SOCA) on behalf of the UK Government and in cooperation with several other government agencies. The UKTA comprises a description and assessment of the threats from organized crime for the UK and prognosis for the future development of risk factors. A version of the report for limited distribution is entitled “Restricted UKTA”.

The threats identified in the UKTA are grouped in five main chapters: criminals and their business, general threats, narcotics, organized immigration crime, and fraud. In their turn these five chapters are subdivided into 16 paragraphs focused on more specific threats.

The definition of these threats reflects both the way the organized criminal groups function, and the task distribution between different law enforcement institutions. This adds to the practical value of the organized crime panorama and the harm caused by criminal activities, in addition to the priority task of the law enforcement establishment presented in the UKTA. The report fills the existing information gap and paves the way for the efforts of defining and implementing of successful counter-strategies. In this respect, the UKTA is one of the most ambitious national reports in the EU, which has also benefited from critical recommendations of reviewers of similar documents.

For UKTA is available at: The United Kingdom Organised Crime Threat Assessment 2009

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