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Addressing Environmental Crimes and Marine Pollution in the EU: Legal guidelines and case studies
The purpose of this handbook is to provide to judges, prosecutors, forensic officers and other legal practitioners an overview of the existing European and international instruments and rules aimed at tackling environmental crimes and in particular marine pollution, as well as an analysis of the challenges faced in their implementation and enforcement process. more »
Addressing Environmental Crimes and Marine Pollution in the EU: Compendium of International and EU Law Instruments
The purpose of this CD Rom is to provide to judges, prosecutors, forensic offi cers and other legal practitioners, an overview of the existing international and EU legal instruments and rules aimed at tackling environmental crimes and in particular marine pollution. more »
Media note: Budget Revision for 2013: inconsiderate, vague and anti-social?
Budget revisions are usually a sign of economic instability and are therefore justified by two main reasons: a serious unexpected economic crisis and/or the introduction of vital new policies. The government’s declaration that the 2013 budget needs to be revised and the Prime minister’s explanation for this proposal in Parliament does not include convincing details related to the aforementioned reasons. The additional instability that this amendment would place on the economy, calls for careful analysis and consideration hasty of the possible scenarios in which a revision is necessary. more »
CSD Brief No 39: The Bulgarian Economy: Competitiveness 2013
In 2013, Bulgaria is one of the countries that have seen a decline in their competitiveness according to IMD’s World Competitiveness Yearbook (WCY). The country is ranked at 57th position – 3 places below the position achieved in 2012 – 54th. more »
CSD Brief No 38: Improving policy and programs for assistance and reintegration of child victims of trafficking in Bulgaria
This brief presents the main conclusions related to Bulgaria from a comparative study of support programs and reintegration of children - victims of trafficking in the six member states of the European Union, conducted in 2011 and 2012. more »
Media Note: Energy Saving Technologies in the Bulgarian Residential Sector
The growing consumer prices of electricity have remained at the center of public debates over the past months, especially following their increase last year by 13%. Even though the regulated market supresses their growth, prices have steadily increased since 2005, both in Bulgaria and in the EU. more »
Assisting and Reintegrating Child Victims of Trafficking: Improving Policy and Practice in the EU Member States
This Handbook presents the main results of an in-depth evaluation study of the legal, policy and practical frameworks for assistance to and reintegration of child victims of trafficking in six EU Member States – Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, and Sweden. more »
Media Note: Why Electricity Bills in Bulgaria Spoiled the Party
The so-called “green” premium - a market entry subsidy for renewable energy sources - was used as a convenient explanation for recent increases to the electricity bills in 2012. more »
Press Release: Surveying how European workplaces have managed in the economic downturn
This week Eurofound launches the field work of the third edition of European Company Survey across 32 countries. The sociological and marketing arm of the Center for the Study of Democracy - Vitosha Research will conduct the survey in Bulgaria. more »
CSD Brief No. 37: The Hidden Economy in Bulgaria: 2011 – 2012
The deep penetration of hidden economic activities in Greece and other peripheral Eurozone members – a development which is at the epicenter of the continuing Eurozone debt crisis, has demonstrated that accurate understanding of the dynamics of the hidden economy is essential for improving public and private sector management. more »

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