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The Role of Political Parties in Bulgaria's Accession to the EU
The process of Bulgaria's EU integration is a multifaceted political, institutional, economic, socio-structural, and psychological process. It is essentially a complex social transformation aimed at establishing particular public structures, standards, consensual attitudes, and strategies, compatible with EU and acceptable to its member countries. This process involves diverse actors who cannot be reduced solely to the efforts of state institutions and above all, of the legislature and the executive. One of the most powerful, though frequently overlooked, channels bringing Bulgaria closer to EU, are political parties. more »
Preparing for EU Accession Negotiations
The purpose of this paper is to draw attention to some typical challenges relating to the negotiations for EU membership, both in the short and in the medium term perspective. This could be a contribution to the development of the various elements of Bulgaria's preparation for accession negotiations. Emphasis is laid on the model of negotiations, on the various underlying principles, on the indispensable preparation for their conducting, on some organisational and other aspects of their successful development. In this respect, significant reflection is devoted to the lessons to be drawn from the fourth enlargement of the Union. more »
Bulgaria’s Capital Markets in the Context of EU Accession: A Status Report
The objective of this report is to contribute to the discussion on the capital market reform in Bulgaria in preparation for eventual integration into the European Union. The report views the accession issue on two levels. more »
Measuring and Monitoring of Corruption: the World Practice and the Bulgarian Experience (available only in Bulgarian)
The reader includes both original treatments and translated texts. It presents the corruption monitoring system of Coalition 2000, with a focus on corruption indexes. more »
International Acts for Countering Corruption (available only in Bulgarian)
The reader includes the main acts for countering corruption of the Council of Europe, the European Union and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The great interest sparked by the reader affirms its usefulness, especially within the context of the harmonization of domestic legislation with European law. more »

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