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Countering police corruption: European perspectives
This publication reviews the policies and institutional mechanisms for countering police corruption in several EU member states. more »
CSD Policy Brief No 41: Crime trends 2012 – 2013
In 2012 there was a sharp increase in both the number of victims and the number of crimes compared to 2011. These trends take place in the context of a 10-year drop in crime rates. more »
Methodology for collection and analysis of data on the penitentiary system
The successful implementation of the activities under the recently launched initiative Re-socialization of offenders in the EU: enhancing the role of the civil society (RE-SOC) depends on the expanded knowledge of the prison systems in the participating countries. Therefore, a separate set of activities is dedicated to the collection, analysis and systematization of the available information and tailoring it to the specificities of the other initiative activities. more »
Media note: Shedding More Light on the New “Simplified” Electricity Bills
The media note discusses new “simplified” electricity bills. The decision to decrease by 5% the retail electricity prices as of 1 August 2013 is among the topics at the heart of political debates in Bulgaria this autumn. A similar move in 2010 clearly showed that such a politically mandated price decrease was not sustainable in the long run. more »
CSD Policy Brief No. 40: Bulgaria's Energy Security Risk Index
Energy security is of critical importance to Bulgaria. The biggest identified threat to Bulgarian national security is poverty, and in particular energy poverty. Bulgaria’s non-transparent energy sector seriously undermines the country’s economic development. Establishing regular sound monitoring mechanisms on energy security could be key for adequate policy-making in the area. more »
Addressing Environmental Crimes and Marine Pollution in the EU: Legal guidelines and case studies
The purpose of this handbook is to provide to judges, prosecutors, forensic officers and other legal practitioners an overview of the existing European and international instruments and rules aimed at tackling environmental crimes and in particular marine pollution, as well as an analysis of the challenges faced in their implementation and enforcement process. more »
Addressing Environmental Crimes and Marine Pollution in the EU: Compendium of International and EU Law Instruments
The purpose of this CD Rom is to provide to judges, prosecutors, forensic offi cers and other legal practitioners, an overview of the existing international and EU legal instruments and rules aimed at tackling environmental crimes and in particular marine pollution. more »
Media note: Budget Revision for 2013: inconsiderate, vague and anti-social?
Budget revisions are usually a sign of economic instability and are therefore justified by two main reasons: a serious unexpected economic crisis and/or the introduction of vital new policies. The government’s declaration that the 2013 budget needs to be revised and the Prime minister’s explanation for this proposal in Parliament does not include convincing details related to the aforementioned reasons. The additional instability that this amendment would place on the economy, calls for careful analysis and consideration hasty of the possible scenarios in which a revision is necessary. more »
CSD Brief No 39: The Bulgarian Economy: Competitiveness 2013
In 2013, Bulgaria is one of the countries that have seen a decline in their competitiveness according to IMD’s World Competitiveness Yearbook (WCY). The country is ranked at 57th position – 3 places below the position achieved in 2012 – 54th. more »
CSD Brief No 38: Improving policy and programs for assistance and reintegration of child victims of trafficking in Bulgaria
This brief presents the main conclusions related to Bulgaria from a comparative study of support programs and reintegration of children - victims of trafficking in the six member states of the European Union, conducted in 2011 and 2012. more »

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