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Tackling Undeclared Work and Hidden Economy in Southeast Europe: Improving Governance and Prosperity
The existence of undeclared work, hidden economy and corruption have been identified by the European Commission and other international and local agencies as a major barrier to enabling embedded economic prosperity in SEE. The sustained high-levels of the hidden economy in SEE, low trust in public institutions and, in some cases, ambiguous national identity, has resulted in changes in tax morale and lower revenues for governments. These were the key conclusions from the policy round table held by the SELDI initiative, Sheffield University Management School, UK, and the Center for Liberal-Democratic Studies (CLDS), Serbia. more »
Understanding Russian Influence in Central and Eastern Europe
CSD presented the Kremlin Playbook report at the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies in Brussels together with researchers from leading European think-tanks examining the malign Russian influence in Europe. CSD speakers debated how Russia has leveraged its economic presence to cultivate an opaque web of economic and political patronage across the region that the Kremlin uses to influence decision-making. more »
The Russian Economic Footprint in Central and Eastern Europe: Addressing Strategic Vulnerabilities in Hybrid Warfare
In the last decade, Russia has used a range of tools to amplify its economic footprint in Central and Eastern Europe and achieve its political goals. These were some of the issues discussed at an international conference in Sofia, co-sponsored by the NATO Public Diplomacy Division. more »
Shadow Economies and Undeclared Work in Europe: New Insights and Policy Response
In recent years the shadow economy, once thought to be a problem only for less economically developed countries, has become recognised a pressing issue for developed economies as well. It acutely affects Bulgaria which is widely recognised as having the largest shadow economy in the European Union. The Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) in cooperation with the Sheffield University Management School (UK) and the Institute of Public Finance (Croatia) organised an international Marie Curie conference with the aim to provide a better understanding of the causes and effects of the shadow economy and undeclared work as well as to new insights in the field and to identify various policy responses. During the conference, which gathered leading academics, government officials and politicians, it became clear that it is possible to identify and rectify the shadow economy but that is neither an easy nor a simple task. more »
Round table: Governance Mechanisms, Integrity and Transparency: Countering Corruption in Private Sector
The public debate usually focuses on corruption as a problem of the interface between the public and the private sector. However, the Corruption Monitoring System surveys of Vitosha Research for Coalition 2000 show that most of the companies deem corruption among private entities as much a problem as corruption in the public sector. Taking account of this data on March 30, 2004 the Center for the Study of Democracy and Coalition 2000 organized a round table for defining the problem and setting up the guidelines for future debate and action. more »
GDLN Dialogue Series on Governance for Young Leaders in Eastern European Countries – Session 5
On March 23, 2004 the Center for the Study of Democracy organized the final fifth video-conference of the GDLN Dialogue Series on Governance for Young Leaders in Eastern European Countries. This last session focused on state capture and corporate governance. more »
Distance Learning Center Launched
On March 22, 2004 CSD hosted a ceremony to launch a Distance Learning Center - part of World Bank's Global Development Learning Network, which unites more than 60 countries all over the world. The network aims to support the stable development in the countries by creating possibilities for training, exchange of knowledge and dialogue between experts in development issues. more »
GDLN Dialogue Series on Governance for Young Leaders in Eastern European Countries - Session 1
On January 27, 2004 the World Bank Bulgaria office and the CSD organized the first videoconference of the GDLN Dialogue Series aimed at enhancing the role of young leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia-Montenegro in promoting governance and fighting corruption. more »
Round table: Anticorruption in the Private Sector: Institutional Reform and Company Behavior
On June 18, 2003 the Center for the Study of Democracy hosted a round table discussion on anti-corruption in the private sector. The event was organized by Coalition 2000 and Association Integra-Bulgaria as a continuation of their efforts to improve corporate governance in Bulgaria and increase its significance in countering corruption. more »
International conference: Building Competitive Advantage in Nations: Increasing Transparency, Combating Corruption and Improving Corporate Governance
An international conference Building Competitive Advantage in Nations: Increasing Transparency, Combating Corruption and Improving Corporate Governance was held on March 26-28, 2002 in Budapest. Mr. Boyko Todorov, Coordinator of the Southeast European Legal Development Initiative (SELDI), took part in the conference presenting the experience of the anti-corruption initiative Coalition 2000. more »

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