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Representatives of the Spanish General Judicial Council visited CSD
During the visit, which took place on November 25, 2003, the Spanish experts had a meeting with representatives of the CSD Law Program to discuss the opportunities of implementing the Spanish experience for reforming the Bulgarian judiciary. more »
Press conference: Presentation of the Judicial Anti-Corruption Program
The press conference took place on October 2, 2003, with the objective to present to the media the recently published Judicial Anti-Corruption Program, developed as a result of the combined efforts of eminent Bulgarian lawyers, including magistrates, influential non-governmental organizations, representatives of state institutions, and experts. more »
Discussion meeting: Presentation of the Judicial Anti-Corruption Program
The meeting, held at CSD on June 24, 2003, was organized by Coalition 2000 and was dedicated to debating the draft version of the Judicial Anti-Corruption Program (JACP). more »
Round table: Ethics and Standards in Legal Professions
The event took place on June 6, 2003, and was aimed at discussing the need of and the opportunities for developing and implementing codes of ethics for the legal professions. more »
Round table: Spanish Experience in Reforming the Judiciary
On May 29, 2003, the Center for the Study of Democracy hosted a round table to discuss the Spanish experience in reforming the judiciary, featuring Mr. Alberto Dorrego, Director on Modernization of the Judiciary in the Spanish Ministry of Justice. more »
Discussion: Spanish Experience in Reforming Judiciary: Lessons for Bulgarian Transition
On April 30, 2003, a discussion on Spanish Experience in Reforming Judiciary took place in Madrid. The discussion was attended by CSD senior staff members and representatives of the General Judicial Council in Spain. more »
Round table: The Constitution and the Judicial Reform in Bulgaria
On April 15, 2003, the Center for the Study of Democracy jointly with the Union of Bulgarian Jurists held a round table discussion, which provided a forum for discussing the constitutional amendments, proposed by different institutions and political parties, the declaration signed between them, and the Decision of the Constitutional Court No.3 of April 10, 2003, on Constitutional Case No.22 of 2002. more »
Public discussion: Judicial Anti-Corruption Program
On March 30 and 31, 2003 the Center for the Study of Democracy organized a working session to discuss the proposals submitted by the Task Forces for elaboration of the initial version of the Judicial Anti-Corruption Program (JACP). more »
Joint meeting at the Ministry of Economy on registration reform
In December 2002 the opportunities for reforming the registration system in Bulgaria were discussed at a joint meeting at the Ministry of Economy with the participation of the Minister of Economy, the Minister of Finance, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice, other senior officials from the respective ministries, and representatives of the Center for the Study of Democracy. more »
Round table: Draft Law on Forfeiture to the State of Any Property Acquired by Criminal Activity
During a discussion, held on October 1, 2002, Ms. Smith, Senior Trial Attorney at the Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section in the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, made a review of the history of asset forfeiture in the United States and its development, and described the rather complex legislation in this area. more »

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