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Electronic signature events

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International Conference: Awareness Raising of SMEs of the Opportunities for Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolutions - EU Approaches and Best Practices
The conference was held on April 22-23, 2004 in Sheraton Hotel Balkan - Sofia. It was organized by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry(BCCI) and was aimed at popularization of the alternative dispute resolution means, especially arbitration and mediation, and exchange of information and opinions. more »
Round table: Electronic Document and Electronic Signature: Tools for Good Governance and Transparent Administration
The round table organized by CSD and Coalition 2000 on April 6, 2004 at the Sheraton hotel aimed at promoting the practical application of the legal framework of electronic documents and electronic signatures. The discussion focused on the role of the information technologies to raise the efficiency in the work of administration and in the provision of public services. more »
Registration reform in Bulgaria: an update
The development of market economy and establishment of democratic rule of law in Bulgaria require the creation of a safe and transparent environment for setting up and conducting business, as well as proper conclusion and carrying out of contracts. A precondition to achieving this objective is the establishment of a modern centralized electronic system of official registers that is able to provide reliable, timely and legally valid information on legal persons and real estate to the public and private sector. However, the present registration system in the country, consisting primarily of decentralized, paper based registers, reveals a number of shortcomings, which make it ineffective, unreliable, short of transparency, and a major source generating corruption within the judiciary. more »
First meeting of the Task Force on elaboration of the legal framework for issuance and acceptance of electronic documents, signed with universal electronic signatures, within the judiciary
The first Task Force meeting took place on March 10, 2004. Relying on the considerable experience and active contribution of the Center for the Study of Democracy to the elaboration of the Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature, Dr. Maria Yordanova, Director of CSD Law Program was invited to join the Task Force. more »