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Round table: Reporting on Organized Crime
The Philadelphia Inquirer reporter George Anastasia took part in a discussion about the role of the media in the fight against organized crime on September 29, 2004 at the CSD. Mr. Anastasia has been writing about organized and disorganized crime for the past twenty years, covering the action from Atlantic City and South Philadelphia. more »
Public discussion: The British Policies and Approach to Assets Recovery
The independent agencies for assets recovery promote the use of financial investigation as a tool to fight crime, said Mr. John Tanner, Assistant Director at the UK Assets Recovery Agency, at a discussion on July 8, 2004 at the Center for Study of Democracy. more »
Assets forfeiture: a mechanism for combating corruption and organized crime
The main purpose of the various mechanisms and measures for criminal assets forfeiture is to interrupt the possibility for such resources to be reinvested in the economic turnover, said Mr. Heiner Boxleitner, Chief Criminal Commissioner of Bavaria, at a discussion at the CSD on June 3, 2004. more »
Progress in Combating Transnational Crime in Southeastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus
SECI-GUUAM country missions’ representatives discussed the possibilities for enhanced cooperation between these countries in countering trans-border crime and corruption at a meeting at the Bulgarian Embassy in Washington DC on April 23, 2004. more »
Small Arms Proliferation and Organized Crime in Bulgaria
Bulgarian and foreign experts discussed the risks posed by small arms proliferation and the current state of the export control system in Bulgaria at a round table on April 5, 2004. Discussions focused on the findings and recommendations of the analytical report Weapons under Scrutiny. more »
Assets Seizure in Europe: Legislative and Operational Instrument to Counter Corruption and Organized Crime
Experts from Ireland, France, Spain and Bulgaria debated on the role of assets seizure to counter corruption and organized crime in Bulgaria and Europe at a round table on March 2, 2004. The discussion aimed to present the foreign experience in implementing assets forfeiture mechanisms and to discuss the latest version of the Bulgarian Draft Law on the Forfeiture of Criminal Assets. more »
Policy workshop: Trafficking and Corruption: Monitoring and Prevention
On February 9, 2004 CSD hosted a Policy Workshop to present a draft structure of the Action Plan for improving the effectiveness of border controls against smuggling, on the basis of an analytical report developed by a joint task force of CSD and government experts. more »
Public discussion: Drug Markets and Organized Crime in Bulgaria
On December 11, 2003 a CSD analysis on the structure and organization of drug distribution in Bulgaria was presented at a public discussion. The analysis looks into the genesis and structure of drug distribution in Bulgaria, markets cartelization, hierarchy in the drug networks and the role of the organized crime for developing these markets. more »
Round table: Corruption, Organized Crime and Security Sector Reform in Bulgaria
On April 24, 2003 CSD brought together state officials, investigative journalists,academics and Coalition 2000 experts to discuss the security sector reform in Bulgaria. more »

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