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Illegal Drugs

Bulgaria is situated on the Balkan heroin route between Afghanistan and Western Europe. A small but often violent illegal market for drugs has been established in Bulgaria since the early 1990s. The study of these problems and their regional and national scope became one of the most important research areas of the Center for the Study of Democracy. In addition to periodic qualitative research into the operation of drugs market, CSD researchers have contributed to analysis of harm-reduction programs. Also, the periodic National Crime Survey (NCS)  assesses annually the levels of drugs consumption in Bulgaria.

Organized Crime In Bulgaria: Markets And Trends - The Drug Market in Bulgaria

Smuggling in Southeast Europe. The Yugoslav Wars and the Development of Regional Criminal Networks in the Balkans -  Smuggling Of Illicit Drugs

The Drugs Market in Bulgaria

Heroin Users in Bulgaria One Year After Outlawing The Dose for "Personal Use" –2005

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Injecting Drug Users In Bulgaria – 2004


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