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Gender Equality and Ombudsman Institution (in Bulgarian only)
The handbook presents the mechanisms for protecting women's rights and the ombudsman institution in Bulgaria and Europe and offers an updated review of both the common and the specific characteristics of the experience of the European countries. The publication includes useful information about women's networks and centers in Bulgaria, useful web sites and international events in the field of women's rights protection. more »
CSD Brief No 2: Anti-Corruption Reforms in the Judiciary
The second consecutive issue of the CSD Brief presents the contents and main ideas of the Judicial Anti-Corruption Program (JACP). JACP is a policy paper, developed by eminent Bulgarian lawyers as a result of the combined efforts of NGOs, representatives of state institutions and experts and the support of the UNDP. more »
The Ombudsman Institution in Europe and Bulgaria (only in Bulgarian with summary in English)
The handbook The Ombudsman Institution in Europe and Bulgaria offers an updated review of both the general and specific aspects of the European countries’ experience and contains information on the legal framework and the activities of the European Ombudsman as a mechanism for protecting human rights on European Union level. more »
Judicial Anti-Corruption Program
The Judicial Anti-Corruption Program was developed by eminent Bulgarian lawyers, including magistrates, and resulted from the combined efforts of influential non-governmental organizations, representatives of state institutions, and experts. more »
Opportunities for Establishment of Central Register of Legal Persons and Electronic Registries Center in Bulgaria
The second consecutive brochure on registration reform in Bulgaria, published by CSD, includes the full text of the updated version of the report developed by the CSD Task Force, review of the foreign experience in developing central electronic registers and a proposal for the structure of an Electronic Registries Center in Bulgaria. more »