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Ombudsman Institution – Concept Paper and Draft Law for Bulgaria. Foreign Legislation
The collection contains a Concept Paper on the legal opportunities for establishing the ombudsman institution in Bulgaria, together with a Draft Law on the People’s Defender and Civic Mediators, both worked out by the experts to the CSD Law Program. The publication offers an overview of the development of the ombudsman institution in other countries, foreign ombudsman laws, documents of the Council of Europe and the legislative acts on the European Ombudsman. more »
Program for Judicial Reform in Bulgaria
The Program for Judicial Reform in Bulgaria has been drafted by eminent Bulgarian lawyers within the framework of the Judicial Reform Initiative (JRI). The latter benefits from the combined efforts of State authorities, representatives of influential non-governmental organizations, and experts who offer their expertise in order to ensure further successful development of judicial reform in Bulgaria. more »
Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature: Legal Aspects (only in Bulgarian)
The book offers an overview of the development of e-signature legislation in various countries and contains foreign and international acts related to e-commerce, including the legislation of the Czech Republic, Germany, the UK, the US (state of Utah), Spain and other countries, international law as well as the Bulgarian Draft Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature developed by CSD Law Program experts. more »
Criminal Law Issues in Combating Corruption (only in Bulgarian)
"Criminal Law Issues in Combating Corruption" is entitled the new brochure of the series of anti-corruption publications of Coalition 2000 more »