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Addressing Environmental Crimes and Marine Pollution in the EU: Compendium of International and EU Law Instruments
The purpose of this CD Rom is to provide to judges, prosecutors, forensic offi cers and other legal practitioners, an overview of the existing international and EU legal instruments and rules aimed at tackling environmental crimes and in particular marine pollution. more »
Assisting and reintegrating child victims of trafficking in Bulgaria: legal, institutional and policy framework
The report explores the legal, institutional and policy framework of countering child trafficking in Bulgaria and assisting and reintegrating its victims. It looks at Bulgarian criminal law and criminal procedure, as well as other legal norms, relevant to the subject, and the extent to which they comply with international standards. The study presents the different stages of referral victims go through, the various institutions and organisations, involved in the process, and the policies and initiatives they pursue in improving child victims’ situation. A number of recommendations are put forward in terms of possible legislative amendments, strengthening policy framework and furthering capacity building of institutions, entrusted with combating child trafficking. more »
Right of Defence and the Principle of Equality of Arms in the Criminal Procedure in Bulgaria
The publication analyses the regulation of the right of defence in Bulgaria and explores the principle of equality of the parties in the pre-trial phase. For the purposes of the study the authors present the system of judicial and investigative bodies as well as the most important characteristics of the criminal proceedings, in particular of the pre-trial proceedings. The study discusses the rights of the defence counsels and their procedural role and outlines a number of problems that attorneys face in defending their clients during the criminal proceedings. more »
Countering Organised Crime in Bulgaria: Study on the Legal Framework
The publication analyses and assesses the legal framework on countering organised crime and examines the problems, which arise in its practical application. On this basis, recommendations are made to improve the legislation and bring it into conformity with international standards and the existing good practices, as well as to overcome the weaknesses in the application of law which impede the detection and punishment of organised criminal activity or infringe fundamental principles of criminal procedure and the rights of the participants in it. more »
Justice Sector Institutional Indicators for Criminal Case Management
The present white paper summarises the main findings of the Justice Sector Institutional Indicators for Criminal Case Management study. It puts forward the main problems which EU countries face in measuring justice system performance – there is no single assessment model and many countries are still in the experimental phase. more »
Justice Sector Institutional Indicators for Criminal Case Management: Efforts on Supranational and National Level, Bulgarian and Polish Perspective
This publication reviews the existing practices of courts’ performance measurement and criminal cases management based on the concepts of efficiency and effectiveness, transparency, quality care, benchmarking, result orientation and accountability. These efforts are considered on supranational and national level as two components of the process of implementing a quality model in the justice sector, growing increasingly intense at EU level. more »
Crime and Punishment: Studying Justice System for Shaping Criminal Policy
The current publication analyses the findings of the survey on public trust in Bulgarian police and courts, including personal assessments about the level of corruption in these institutions and the subjective perceptions of fear of crime. more »
E-Tools for Criminal Case Management within Selected EU Member States
This publication provides comparative analysis of current practices of justice recordkeeping and the electronic tools for measuring the judicial system performance in Finland, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, and England and Wales as well as an overview of the introduction of ICT in the judiciaries of Bulgaria and Poland. more »
CSD Brief No 29: Public Trust in the Criminal Justice System – an Instrument for Penal Policy Assessment
The policy brief presents the results of a survey of the public trust in the police and the courts in Bulgaria, the public perceptions of the level of corruption in these institutions and the fear of crime in the Bulgarian society. more »
Penitentiary Policy аnd System in the Republic оf Bulgaria
The report explores the state of the penitentiary system in Bulgaria. more »

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