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Corruption, Contraband and Organized Crime in Southeast Europe
The brochure suggests topics for discussion at the international conference Shaping a Common Security Agenda for Southeast Europe held on 5-6 September in Sofia. more »
Corruption and Anticorruption (available only in Bulgarian)
The reader Corruption and Anticorruption consists of seven chapters covering the subjects of corruption and politics and corruption and economy, measuring and monitoring of corruption, curbing corruption, international efforts to counter corruption, and corruption in the security forces. more »
Smuggling in Southeast Europe
The paper highlights the decisive impact the Yugoslav wars had on the development of the regional criminal networks. The research reveals the connection between the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia and the growth of the trans-border crime in the region, and also looks at the related issue of corruption. more »
Counter-Terrorism Measures of the Republic of Bulgaria
The CSD and Ministry of Foreign Affairs collected the main official documents related to the suppression of terrorism which had been adopted by the Bulgarian government and the UN Security Council. more »
Policy Report on the Implications for Bulgaria of Regional Cooperation and the Stability Pact for Southeast Europe
The paper does not provide an exhaustive coverage of Stability Pact project areas - a task completed through various other mechanisms elsewhere – but rather an emphasis of the common approaches still missing in the implementation of Pact objectives, as seen from a Bulgarian perspective. The paper thus opted for highlighting an aspect that could be seen as obvious but whose acknowledgment is not supported by practical measures – the need for common solutions to regional stabilization and development initiated and worked out by the countries themselves. more »

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