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Human dimensions in organized crime, money laundering and corruption
Тhe eleventh volume of the Cross-border Crime Colloquium series is dedicated to the “Human dimensions in organized crime, money laundering and corruption” (eds. van Duyne, P., Harvey, J., Antonopoulos, G., von Lampe, K., Maljević, A., Spencer, Nijmegen: Wolf Legal Publishers, 2013). more »
Organized Crime and the Fight against Crime in the Western Balkans
The policy paper offers a description of the situation of organized crime in the Western Balkans in general and in individual countries - Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro - as well as a focus on the recent legislation on the recovery and management of criminal assets in Bulgaria, used as a term of confrontation with the consolidated approach applied in Italy to such issues. more »
Punishment in Europe. A Critical Anatomy of Penal Systems.
The collection “Punishment in Europe. A Critical Anatomy of Penal Systems” brings together leading international scholars and practitioners to provide a critical guide to penal systems across Europe. more »
Human Trafficking, Border Security and Related Corruption in the EU
The paper Human Trafficking, Border Security and Related Corruption in the EU by Atanas Rusev, Research Fellow at the Center for Study of Democracy in Bulgaria, investigates the much under-researched aspect of corruption and human trafficking. more »
Drug policy and drug legislation in South East Europe
After several decades of implementation of the current international drug control system, there is worldwide a sense of urgency to adjust the system, correct the aspects that cause adverse consequences and make it more effective. more »
CSD Policy Brief No 41: Crime trends 2012 – 2013
In 2012 there was a sharp increase in both the number of victims and the number of crimes compared to 2011. These trends take place in the context of a 10-year drop in crime rates. more »
Violence and Crime in Europe - Social Interventions and Research Methods
This paper examines in depth the criminal careers of two categories of criminals: the violent entrepreneurs and the oligarchs in Bulgaria, and their use of corruption. more »
Anti-Corruption Measures in EU Border Control
The present study, commissioned by FRONTEX, provides academic and policy perspectives, as well as empirical data on corruption and anti-corruption measures observed in border guard institutions across the 27 Member States of the European Union. more »
Corruption and Organized Crime in Europe: Illegal Partnerships
The book Corruption and Organized Crime in Europe: Illegal Partnerships (eds. Gounev, P. and Ruggiero, V.; London: Routledge, 2012) builds upon the 2009 report of the Center for the Study of Democracy Examining the Links between Corruption and Organised Crime. This is the first academic study that takes a Europe-wide approach to analyse the main historic, cultural, economic and political factors that influence the ways in which organised and white collar criminals use corruption. more »
Countering Organised Crime in Bulgaria: Study on the Legal Framework
The publication analyses and assesses the legal framework on countering organised crime and examines the problems, which arise in its practical application. On this basis, recommendations are made to improve the legislation and bring it into conformity with international standards and the existing good practices, as well as to overcome the weaknesses in the application of law which impede the detection and punishment of organised criminal activity or infringe fundamental principles of criminal procedure and the rights of the participants in it. more »

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