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Criminal Law Issues in Combating Corruption
"Criminal Law Issues in Combating Corruption" titles the new brochure of the series of anti-corruption publications of Coalition 2000. Authors of this publication are Mr. Lazar Gruev, associate professor and doctor in law, and Mr. Boris Velchev, doctor in law at "St. Kliment Ohridski" University of Sofia. more »
Judiciary and Corruption
Judiciary and Corruption" titles the new edition of the Anti-Corruption Readers series. It is a joint publication of Coalition 2000 and the Association of Judges in Bulgaria (AJB) and is complied by Judge Ms. Kapka Kostova, AJB President and the Associate Prof. Mr. Lazar Gruev, Ph.D., Law Faculty of St. Kliment of Ochridski Sofia University. more »
Corruption in Parliamentary Practice and the Legislative Process
Evgenii Dainov,director of the CSP, writes in its preface: "Without democracy - i.e. without transparency in decision-making and without public control on decision-makers - development is not possible. Corruption thrives exactly where the light of publicity does not reach. more »
Measuring and Monitoring of Corruption: the World Practice and the Bulgarian Experience
The translated materials include the methodology and indexes of Transparency International, the Bribe Payers Index developed by this international organization and a Corruption Index according to countries. The reader also contains a translation of Graf Lambsdorf's Empirical Studies of Corruption. more »
The Economic Price of Corruption
In his introduction to the book, the director of the Center for Economic Development Georgi Prohazki writes: "Bulgarian society is now faced with the problem of discovering the mechanisms which will rally the energy of citizens, NGOs, business and the state administration in the fight against corruption." Clearly, Coalition 2000 is such a mechanism which has united representatives of the nongovernmental sector and state institutions. more »

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