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On the Eve of EU Accession: Anti-corruption Reforms in Bulgaria
This is the seventh consecutive Corruption Assessment Report providing an overview of the state and dynamics of corruption in Bulgaria and Bulgarian anti-corruption policy. It analyzes the main opportunities and challenges of the anti-corruption process in the context of Bulgaria‚Äôs approaching accession to the EU. more »
Biggest Cities Review

Industry Watch has recently published one of his periodical reports. "Biggest Cities Review" is the first report which is based on empirical data collected in partnership with Vitosha Research agency. The main goal is to observe some important regional discrepancies in Bulgaria such as:
more »

e-Bulgaria 2005 Report Release
ARC Fund has released its latest e-Bulgaria 2005 Report which analyzes the progress in ICT infrastructure deployment in the country, as well as the penetration and use of internet and ICT-related services in Bulgarian households, enterprises, schools, universities and government institutions over this year. The report presents a wealth of empirical and qualitative data, synthetic indicators, trend analysis and projections, policy options and recommendations for the future development of information society in the country. more »
Taming the Arsenal: Small Arms and Light Weapons in Bulgaria
The report summarizes the findings of a research conducted on questions relating to small arms and light weapons in Bulgaria from July to November 2004 by the CSD, and London-based Saferworld. more »
The Informal Economy in the EU Accession Countries
The conference report with papers and articles about the informal economy in the accession countries is published in the framework of the project "The Informal Economy in the EU Accession Countries: Size, Scope, Trends and Challenges in the Process of EU Enlargement". It includes papers presented at an International informal economy conference, organized by the Center for the Study of Democracy on 29th and 30th of November, 2002 in Sofia. more »
Anticorruption Education Manual 2000
It is the first manual in its kind in Bulgarian language. The manual is to be included in a university curriculum (the New Bulgarian University) and a number of other private and state-owned universities have been approached with the same purpose. more »
Information Technologies Against Corruption
The reader is the latest edition of anti-corruption series of Coalition 2000 to which CSD serves as Secretariat. The reader is published by one of the Coalition 2000's founding organizations - Applied Research and Communication Fund. more »
Combating Corruption and Fraud in the Public Administration
Combating Corruption and Fraud in the Public Administration is titled the new anticorruption reader of Coalition 2000's series, called Clear Future. It addresses wide range of readers - civil servants, representatives of legislative and judiciary, students, academicians and NGOs, which contribute in overcoming the corruption problem in Bulgarian society. more »
Counteracting the Corruption in Local Authorities
Counteracting the Corruption in Local Authoritiesis published by ACCESS Association, partner of Coalition 2000. The reader contains Bulgarian experts' analysis with practical data about the legislative framework of local self-government, the opportunities of direct and indirect civic involvement, new forms of civic control applied in municipalities in local issues decision-making and combating corruption. more »
Corruption in a 100 Answers Manual
On October 23, 2000, Civil Link Foundation and the Union of Bulgarian Journalists co-organized a journalists seminar "Investigative Journalism Against Corruption: the New Bulgarian and European Legislature" in Plovdiv within the framework of Coalition 2000 anti-corruption projects.

Mr. Georgi Boyadzhiev, attorney at law, presented the new publication of Civil Link Foundation/Coalition 2000 - "Corruption in a 100 Answers" Manual. more »


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