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An efficient management structure and administrative support have long been important pillars of CSD’s institutional capacity. Having an annual range of diversified projects, both in terms of subject area and activity type, it is indispensable for the Center to maintain a managerial structure ensuring that projects are implemented with the most efficient use of resources. There is a direct link between CSD’s external mission as a policy institute and its internal management, which makes it a unique type of institution in Bulgaria’s NGO sector.

This linkage became all the more evident, and relevant, in 1999 when the Center became operational Secretariat to three coalition initiatives – Coalition 2000, the Judicial Reform Initiative and the Corporate Governance Initiative. This was a recognition both of CSD’s reputation as an independent facilitator of reforms, and its institutional capacity to manage large scale projects. Particularly important in this respect was the developed internal program structure of the organization, which allows individual programs – the Economic and Law Programs – to assume and successfully carry out the responsibilities of secretariats to these initiatives, and provide operational support to their activities. Being distinct organizational units, CSD’s programs could undertake these tasks with little strain on their human resources.

Having worked under a wide variety of reporting requirements, CSD’s administration and accounting departments have accumulated valuable experience. This has made the Center a reliable partner for many international organizations and bilateral donors working in Bulgaria as it has given it the ability to implement large scale projects under the strictest accounting standards. For seven years now external audits by leading international accounting firms have both developed and streamlined CSD’s general and financial management. The experience and knowledge in the field of internal management and external control have translated into long term commitment to enhancing the competence and professionalism of the NGO community in the country and its public standing through various training, advocacy and legislative projects.

One way to achieve an efficient and transparent accounting system is the application of the International Accounting Standards (IAS) by CSD’s financial department. As a recognition of this effort, in 1999 the International Accounting Standards Committee, an independent private-sector body of 143 professional accountancy organizations in 104 member countries based in the UK, listed CSD as one of the two Bulgarian institutions applying the IAS. The other institution is the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company. This list is compiled based on information identified by the IASC Secretariat in published annual reports. In order to qualify for the list, the auditors’ report of the organization, as well as its summary of accounting policies, or notes must state that the financial statements conform to IAS without qualification. The address of the internet site publishing the list is http:/www.iasc.org.uk/frame/cen1_7.htm

The external audit for 1999 was commissioned to KPMG. Their independent opinion and CSD’s financial statements follow.

In 1999, CSD employed 52 staff members of which 32 were management and professional, including part-time consultants, and 17 were support personnel.

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