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General Assembly


Alexander Stoyanov,

Professor, Department of Economic Sociology, University of National and World Economy, Sofia, and Director of Research, Center for the Study of Democracy


Andrey Ivanov,  

PhD, Independent Consultant


Blagovest Georgiev,

PhD, Professor, Department of Sociology, Sofia University and Executive Director, Regional Initiatives Fund, Ministry of Labor and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


Evgenii Dainov,   

PhD, Director, Centre for Social Practices and member of the Board, Open Society Foundation, Sofia


Inko Razpopov,  

PhD, General Manager, Atlantic Agency


George Prohasky,

PhD, Chairman, Executive Board, Economic and Investment Bank and Chairman, Board of Directors, Bulgarian Stock Exchange


Mois Faion, 

PhD, Business Development Manager, Metromedia International Telecommunications, Stamford


Ognian Shentov, 

PhD, President, Center for the Study of Democracy


Tihomir Bezlov, 

Research Fellow, Center for the Study of Democracy


Vladimir Yordanov, Executive Director, Center for the Study of Democracy
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