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Press Conference: Corruption in Bulgaria in 2009
On 7 December 2009 the Center for the Study of Democracy organized a press conference to present the results of the Corruption Monitoring System in the regular annual survey of corruption in Bulgaria in 2009. It reflects not only attitudes but also the actual situation and development of corruption.

In October 2009 the corruption pressure of the administration on the population and businesses decreased, but the level of corruption has remained relatively stable for the past three years. Citizens and businesses estimated that corruption in the country decreased. In the business these attitudes have been strongest for the past ten years and they are combined with a reduction of its susceptibility to corruption. The level of corruption among the population remain unacceptably high - for the last year every fourth Bulgarian had to give bribes in order to obtain a service. This is a signal that corruption has entered so deeply into the social fabric that is considered normal - a fact which makes combating corruption even more difficult.

Press release (Adobe PDF, 562 KB, in Bulgarian)
Presentation: The Level of Corruption. Population and Business Sector. December 2009 (Adobe PDF, 709 KB, in Bulgarian)
Crime without Punishment: Countering Corruption and Organized Crime in Bulgaria

Media Coverage (In Bulgarian)
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