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Data in focus report: Muslims
As many incidents of discrimination and victimisation go unreported, and as current data collection on discrimination and victimisation against minority groups is limited in many Member States, EU-MIDIS provides the most comprehensive evidence to date of the extent of discrimination and victimisation against minorities in the EU.

In total - 23,500 immigrant and ethnic minority people, including Roma were surveyed in face-to-face questionnaire interviews throughout the EU during 2008.

A further 5,000 people from the majority population living in the same areas as minorities were interviewed in 10 Member States to allow for comparisons of results concerning some key questions.

Each interview lasted anywhere between 20 minutes and one hour, and asked people a series of detailed questions.

EU-MIDIS covers the following topics:

- General Discrimination
- Rights awareness
- Discrimination experiences in Employment, Education, Housing, Health care and social services, Consumer services
- Victimisation through property crime, violent crime, harassment and corruption
- Police contact
- Stops by customs or border control
- Respondent background

For more information: http://fra.europa.eu
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