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Innovation.bg 2009 Report
The Innovation.bg report provides a reliable annual assessment of the innovation potential of the Bulgarian economy and the condition and opportunities for development of the Bulgarian innovation system. It makes recommendations for the improvement of public policy on innovation by drawing on the latest theoretical and empirical studies worldwide and adapting them to the specific economic, political, cultural and institutional framework of Bulgaria’s innovation system. The Expert Council on Innovation of the Applied Research and Communications Fund endorsed the report. The report is aimed at the leaders – the people making the decisions in the public and private sectors of the country.
The purpose of the 2009 edition of Innovation.bg is to assess the innovation potential of the Bulgarian economy and to suggest possible solutions for the development of Bulgaria’s innovation policy in response to the global economic crisis.

Innovation.bg report – summary (in Bulgarian, MS Word, 106 KB)
Innovation.bg report 2009 (in Bulgarian, 7.7 MB)
Innovation.bg report 2009 (in English, PDF 6,9 MB)
Media Coverage (in Bulgarian)

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