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Judicial Reform: The Prosecution Office and Investigation Authorities in the Context of EU Membership


Judicial Reform – State of Play and Opportunities, Maria Yordanova

Judicial Reform: Consensus instead of Political Rhetoric, Ognian Shentov

Modernization of the Pre-Trial Phase of Criminal Proceedings, Margarit Ganev

EU Membership Criteria in the Area of Justice, Freedom and Security: Lessons Learned from the Fifth Enlargement – Preparing for the Sixth Enlargement, Jonathan Faull

The Spanish Judiciary: Structure, Organization, Government, Ignacio Pando Echevarría

The Role of the Prosecution in Strengthening Democracy and the Rule of Law: An American View, Thomas H. Peebles

Plans for Reform of the Criminal Investigation Procedure in Slovenia, Marko Šorli

Status, Organization, Role, and Function of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (Public Prosecutors) in the Czech Republic, Jana Zezulová

Relationship between Prosecution Office and Police in the Czech Republic after Amendment of the Rules of Criminal Procedure and the Police Act of 2001, Miroslav Růžička

Organization and Functions of the Prosecution Office in Hungary, Tamás Jávorszki

Organization and Functions of the Prosecution Office in Latvia, Rudite Abolina

Structure, Organization and Functions of the Prosecution in the Republic of Lithuania, Robertas Dlugauskas

The Public Prosecution Authority in Poland – Organization and Tasks in Combating Crime, Julita Sobczyk

Relationship between Public Prosecutors and the Police in Poland, Julita Sobczyk

Organization and Structure of the State Prosecutor’s Service in the Republic of Slovenia, Robert Renier

The Slovak Prosecution Service, Alexander Kunosik

Structure and Organization of the Police in Poland, Dariusz Jankowski

The Hungarian Law Enforcement Services, Robert Gergely

Structure, Organization and Functions of the Investigating Authorities in Lithuania and Their Relations with the Prosecution in the Framework of Criminal Investigation, Petras Ragauskas

Criminal Investigation in the Slovak Republic, Vladimíra Trnkócyová

Prosecution and Investigative Authorities in Romania: Current Status and Future Reforms, Monica Otavă

Structure and Responsibilities of the Investigations Authorities of the Romanian Police as Part of the Judicial System, Iulian Mihai Novac

The Reform in Criminal Justice in Bulgaria – the Hard to Find Balance of Authority and Responsibility, Yonko Grozev

Judicial Reform in Bulgaria – Domestic and Foreign Challenges, Nelly Koutzkova

The Problem of the Constitutional Placement of the Prosecution Office, Roumen Nenkov

The Reform Demands Quality Legislation and Quality Staff, Roumen Kirov

About the Judicial Reform and the Resistance against It, Emanuil Yordanov

Problems of Investigation in Bulgaria, Mihail Genov

About the Placement of Prosecution and Investigation in the Structure of the Judiciary and Its Administration, Daniela Dokovska

Judicial Reform Continues with the Reforms of Criminal Proceedings, Anton Stankov
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