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Towards NATO and EU Accession: Effective Export Control Legislation – Lessons Learned
June 21-22, 2005
Radisson Hotel, Sofia

Talking points, Mr. Krassimir Benevski, Program Analyst at UNDP Bulgaria, on behalf of the Resident Representative Neil Buhne

• Apologies for not being here to welcome you personally. A closing seminar for a three year UNDP Bulgaria project on administrative justice is taking place at exactly the same time.

• The Secretary- General’s Report, In Larger Freedom laid out the most comprehensive vision since 1945 for reform of the United Nations. How to translate this vision of reform into real reform is currently under discussion right now in New York –in preparation for a global summit in September. Central to the report, is that if the Larger Freedom called for in the first sentence of the UN charter, is to be a reality, there need to be reforms to the UN and the international system, so people can have the freedom to live in dignity, can be free from want, and free from fear.

• This workshop may seem far away from the lofty words of the Secretary General – but it not – for effective export control legislation on small arms and its full implementation is one of the building blocks for a more secure world. - A world free from fear. In the region it is readily apparent that freedom from fear or security – is linked to freedom from want or improved development, and the freedom to live in dignity. I hope over today and tomorrow you can help make these three freedoms more real for this and other regions.
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