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National Crime Prevention Commission
On June 16, 2005 the Council of Ministers approved the establishment of a National Crime Prevention Commission. The Center for the Study of Democracy initiated the creation of the Commission, jointly with the Ministry of the Interior and with the support of the British Government.

The Commission shall contribute to establishing partnerships between the private sector and law enforcement bodies to identify trends and recommend measures to prevent crime. This national platform will aim to coordinate and develop initiatives as well as raise awareness for crime prevention with the aim to reduce the impact of crime on society and citizen safety.

The public-private approach in founding the Commission is particularly important because of the additional resources of the private sector (business and NGOs) drawn to support to the efforts of government agencies.

The Commission is chaired by the Minister of the Interior and its members include the deputy ministers of justice, finance, labor, health, education, culture and tourism, youth and sport, the chairpersons of the agencies for child protection and the refugees as well as representatives of the Center for the Study of Democracy, the National Association of Municipalities in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Bulgarian Industrial Association.

The main tasks of the Commission shall be:

- to counteract with the judiciary and the law-enforcement agencies as well as the respective institutions in other countries, with the local government authorities and the non-governmental organizations on issues related to crime prevention;

- to support regular crime victimization surveys that assess the level and trends of crime;

- to make suggestions on crime related issues, based on analyses of the current situation;

- to give recommendations for crime prevention strategies and initiatives and coordinate their implementation;

- to draft legislation on crime prevention.

The Commission will meet at least once every three months. It will be assisted by a number of expert working groups, such as groups on crime research, prevention of youth delinquency or prevention of drug-related crimes.
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